Brits are de-toxing earlier than ever, rating the pressure to look good at the office Christmas party as more important than a first date or even starting a new job.xmas smoothie

Research commissioned by Currys PC World reveals that almost half (50%) of Brits are ‘Pre-toxing’ (attempting to lose weight and feel good) in the run up to festive season, but only a third (35%) actually manage to see their diet and fitness regime through to December.

Instead of a post-Christmas detox, 47% of Brits will be starting their healthy pre-tox fitness regime in the next week, with more than a fifth (22%) making a concerted effort to slim down so they can fit into their favourite party outfit, and 13% admitting they feel the most pressure to look good as the office party and party invites begin to roll in.

So to give you a head start, I have provided my top tips to help you stay on track ahead of the party season:

                1.Speed it up, by walking a little faster is a great way to burn off some extra calories, aim to walk at a speed of 4 miles per hour, as this helps you burn fat, measure with a wearable fitness product like the Jawbone Up or count how many steps you take in 20 seconds then multiply by 3 and for 4 mph – it should be 135 steps per minute.

         2. In the office, set a timer on a watch or your phone and every 20 minutes, simply stand up and move if even for a few seconds, as after 20 minutes of sitting the body starts to slow down the amount of calories you burn, so just move every 20 minutes to keep it fully active.

 3. Ditch the biscuit tin and swap for a smoothie and save calories and get your vitamins at the same time. The NutriBullet is super speedy and even comes with a one serve cup so you can drink your smoothie on-the-go.

16 smoothie

 4. Everyday challenge yourself to burn off an extra 100 calories over the build up to Christmas, this way you can have banked and be in credit by at least 2,400 calories.

 5. Skipping for 10 minutes can burn up to 135 calories and at the same time sculpts you.

 6. Keep your body fuller for longer by adding in some oats to your smoothies, throwing these into your blender will help stabilise your blood sugar levels so you will be less tempted to snack on the mince pies in the office. and tones your lower body.

 7.Taking the stairs take two at a time, this works your thighs and butt harder and avoid using the hand rail as then you contract your abs more for balance.

 8. Music is a great motivator, so create a new playlist and name it “My Pre-tox Christmas Playlist” then listen to this when you work out.


 9. Keep your workout gear on the radiator as this way you are more likely to slip into it and head out in the winter for a quick workout.

 10. Apply the two Ds which are simply “determination” and “discipline” and you will get you the desired results. Just make sure you stay on track with your pre-tox of smoothies and exercise.

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