50 Shades of Great Fitness Tips (to spice up your love life and shape up your body)

50 Shades Of Greyis now a best-selling book and a film, and the trilogy is being talked about everywhere, and this inspired me to put together the best 50 tips of ways to release your sexy inner goddess; to give you increased confidence in the bedroom with some simple but cheeky little sexy moves, and tips that will burn calories and give you a boost that will blow your mind!! Alongside foods to put you in the mood!


1: 62% of women that exercise regularly say it gives them confidence to be more adventurous in the bedroom.

 2: Shades of carbohydrates: always opt for brown shades as opposed to white versions, as these are low GI so give you energy for longer periods.

 3: Masticate every mouthful at least 15 times, as when you spend longer chewing your food it send signals to your brain that you are full. So never just swallow, and masticate 15 times for every tasty mouthful.

 4: Burn 50 calories by spending 12 minutes hula-hooping.

 5: Grey is a shade that work well for stylish interiors, but as for fitness clothes opt for some bright funky tops in pinks or oranges to brighten up your workouts.

6: Ride it: cycling is a great way to tone up your butt and legs, and if you head for the hills, to burn more calories.

7: Good Vibrations: get vibrating on a Power Plate to help sculpt and tone.

8: An orgasm can burn off 27 calories.

9: Get hot with sweaty Bikram Yoga  which is a style of yoga that consists of a series of 26 postures carried out in a heated room for 90 minutes.

10: Shape up your inner vixen by doing regular pelvic floor exercises.

11: Burlesque your way to a beautiful body: this feminine workout not only burns calories but boosts your self esteem through the bedroom roof.

12: Hotpants: add more of a burn to your burn by wearing the Zaggora hotpants as they increase your metabolism.

13: Spice it up: add chillis to your dinner to help heat up your calorie burn.

14: Belt up and get a Sexy Waistline: Place a belt around the foot of the extended leg, and place both hands around the belt. Make sure your tummy muscles are pulled in, and now slowly walk your hands down the belt so that you are lowering your head and shoulders to the floor. Then walk back up. Do 10 on each leg. Picture at end of article.

15: Tie it up : grab a piece of string and work out your abs. Simply stand upright, pull in your tummy muscles, and then tie a piece of string around your waist; so now when you relax those tummy muscles the string will feel tight, so it instantly reminds you to suck those tummy muscles in. Do this 3 minutes everyday.

16: Coregasms: work on strengthening your core to help give your better orgasms.

17: Squeeze in a Quickie: do a 4 Minute Workout whenever you get the chance, to keep you looking super gorgeous, and you can drop a dress size in less than 3 weeks.

18: Rubber up: one of the best ways to add resistance to your workouts is using resistance bands, as they keep you sleek without adding bulk.

19: Lust for Libido: get more of libido and increase your lust life by doing exercise every day, as this helps improve your blood flow to where it counts!

20: Anyone for Oysters: they are love inducing due to the packed minerals which help make these a top aphrodisiac super food.

21: It’s behind you: having a super toned butt will help you bend and rotate to maximise every performance, so keep that rear super toned with regular squats.

22: Pole position: pole fitness is a great way to release your inner goddess and give you a full body workout all in one.

23: Womanly Charms: tone your bust by doing press-ups as this helps keep them pert and lifted.

24: Get you in the mood: use music to get you in the mood for exercise; for a hard, pumping session aim for a song with at least 160 beats per minute.

25: Food to get you in the mood: asparagus and dark chocolate (but not together) are foods that are widely believed to have aphrodisiac properties.

26: Shake it up with Zumba: doing this Latin-infused aerobic workout helps release those endorphins and loosen up those hips.

27: Look good naked: keep your skin glowing by body brushing twice a week; this helps reduce cellulite by breaking down toxins and gives you beautifully glowing skin.

28: Get bendy by trying some ballet moves, from the arabesque to plies, as these will give your lower body a dramatic flexibility boost.

29: Keep those hips in gear by always adding a few pelvic curls to your abdominal routines.

30: Downward Dog yoga move is a great move to add to your weekly activities as it works on your flexibility.

31: Role Play: become your own trainer and nutritionist; always eat as they would tell you and exercise to the max as they would push you.

32: Great pear: this super fruit is the perfect snack and at only 50 calories is great for your waistline.

33: Breaststroke: if swimming is your favourite workout, then opt for breaststroke as this not only firms and lifts the bust but also helps to shape your thighs and butt, and is great for your core too!

34: Doing it: exercise will simply make you feel irresistible and desirable.

35: RED, RED , RED: tomatoes, cherries and raspberries are all stuffed full of antioxidants and minerals that help boost good circulation to all those vital organs.

36: Sexy Inner Thighs: keep those thighs super toned by simply placing a cushion between your knees and squeezing your knees tight together. You instantly feel this tone and strengthen those inner thigh muscles.

37: To keep your libido boosted when you’re not reading “50 Shades or Grey”, do try and get 7 – 8 hours of sleep a night as this is when your body repairs itself, meaning you wake fully energised and restored.

38: Stride it out: Walking is a great exercise, and you can sneak in working your pelvic floor muscles at the same time as going for a walk around the block, so get squeezing on the move.

39: Bit on the side: for those extra bits of fat that can accumulate on the outside of our thighs, focus on reducing your portion sizes by a third, doing regular exercise, and adding some squats with a side leg lift.

40: Burn 50 calories by skipping for  7 minutes.

41: Do it first thing in the morning: a great way to kick-start your daily calorie burn is to do it in the morning, this way for the rest of the day you will have raised your calorie burn.

42: Get fruity: smoothies are a great way to get in some of your 5 a day, the more colour fruit and vegetables you have, the more antioxidants you will be sipping away.

43: Never say never: never think you can’t run a 10k, or that you can’t do a certain exercise, as your body is an incredible force, and given the right training plan and goals, you can achieve what you want.

44: 50 Calories only for a small oatcake with a dollop of hummus, making it an ample and tasty snack.

45: 50 star jumps will melt away calories, sculpt and tone those legs and bottom, and at the same time work your core.

46: 50 calories can be burned by marching up and down the stairs for 5 minutes.

47: The 50 Routine: 10 star jumps, 10 press-ups, 10 squats, 10 abdominal curls, & 10 lunges.

48: Drink up Earl Grey: studies have  shown  a cup of Earl Grey can help to keep the doctor away, as the fruit extract can help you lose weight and lower cholesterol.

49: Keep wet: don’t forget to keep hydrated as this keeps you energised so you can keep going for hours.

50: Reaching number 50 seems the appropriate time to tell you that you can burn 17 calories an hour reading – but I guess with a racy book like “50 Shades Of Grey” you could probably multiply that number by 50!



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