2014 xMost people fail to stick to their resolutions as they try to do too much all at once, so I am going to show you a different approach that will work. I am going to assign you a fresh challenge each month throughout 2014, which will get you fit, healthy, and motivated.

 Okay, let’s kick-start the process with January’s Challenge. For January we are going to get things going by creating your very own healthy recipe book, this will not only help you lose any excess lbs from the festive season, but will also help increase your energy level, health, and general well-being.

 Healthy Recipe Book So to start with, get yourself a nice inspiring new book and decorate it. Might sound silly perhaps, but this can help with motivation, and the more involvement you have in this challenge the more you will stick to it.

Once you have your book, you’re ready to start filling it with some favourite healthy home-made recipes.

The keyword here is home-made, as we know that processed food is bad for us. It may be convenient and cheap and cleverly labelled (often shouting out that it is “Low-fat”, which normally means it is high-sugar, or “Low-sugar” which means high-fat),  but when you cook fresh from home you know exactly what is going in, and the chances are you will just flavour with herbs and spices instead of chemicals, additives and e-numbers!

And while there may be ready-made diet meals out there, these can be an expensive way to eat, and really with a little planning you can do it for yourself. I for one am not a great cook, but I love my food and can quickly knock up something like my courgette spaghetti with tuna in a lime dressing – which costs about a pound to make, is only 200 calories, and takes less than 3 minutes.

Cottage pie is one of my favourite simple meals. This can be made low in calories and healthy if you make it with extra-lean beef, use less, and bulk it up with lots of carrots, peas, and tomatoes. Then for your topping use mashed sweet potatoes with a little quark (which is low-fat curd cheese). So tasty and so good for you.

Your healthy cookbook can be stuffed full of tasty recipes, and eating fresh food instead of processed will help you lose weight and feel great.

Some good ways to find inspiring recipes are via Pinterest and Instagram, so head on over to these free social media sites. For Pinterest simply enter in the search bar whatever you are looking for (example: low-fat salmon recipes), and you will find loads of ideas at your fingertips. For Instagram enter # in the search bar, followed by your keyword search.

 January’s  Challenge to you is fill your new recipe book with:-

blank inside of book

 I would love to see your pictures of your Recipe Books. so send an email to me on here or post on my  Facebook , Twitter or Instagram with #LWRJanuaryChallenge

 Don’t forget to keep up your workouts, and for this month I suggest you try my home fitness routine which tones all over and do this 3 times a week.

 2014 is all about learning how easy it is to have a healthy lifestyle, and February will feature my Fitness Knowledge Challenge, which will not only get you moving and toning, but also give you a great insight into fitness and how it works.