pumpkin pie smoothieGirls, let’s get ready for Autumn, or Fall, whatever you like to call it, and let’s not let those darker nights that are creeping in, and those cooler temperatures, make us discard our workout gear till next spring!

Also, often this time of year leads us to end up munching more on those stodgy foods, but instead check out some of my delicious healthy alternatives, like my “Pumpkin Pie Smoothie” or my “Go Healthy Pizza”.

So here is how you can stay gorgeous and super fit throughout the autumn.

As a trainer, with 20 years experience, I know what works, and what struggles and hurdles we go through, which is why I have put together this special blog for you, to make it easy to stay on track with your fitness and nutrition throughout the autumn.

The Workout.

We are going to have 2 workouts, one being a Lunchtime 15-Minute Fat-Burning Walk; this way the darker evenings are not going to stop you, plus it will be good to get out of the office and grab some fresh air.

Then the 2nd workout is going to be my 4-Minute Fall Workout. Now this one you can either do first thing in the morning, or later in the day at home, and girls !! no excuses as it is just 4 minutes.


autum walk16 Lucy Walking

The 15-Minute Fat-Burning Walk

2-minute walk at a fast brisk pace.

1-minute shorter stride but faster pace.

1-minute brisk pace, with 10 seconds on and off of pulling the belly-button in tight to your spine whilst you walk.

1-minute freestyle, you can either walk super fast, jog, or run, the choice is yours.J

Repeat 3 times.




My 4-Minute Fall Workout,

For this all you need is 4 minutes, but as with any workout always make sure you do a quick warm-up first (this could be as simple as marching on the spot, or going up and down the stairs) to ensure your body is properly warmed up and ready for action.


xfall workoutThe routine consists of these 4 simple moves that you spend 1 minute each on, and voila, you are done.

Exercise 1: Love Your Thighs Lunge

Start in a standing position, with good posture and your arms fully extended in front at shoulder height. Now laterally lunge your left leg out to the side, and aim for your right hand to touch the ground. Hold for a second, then push back up to the start position. Now this time lunge out laterally with your right leg, and aim for your left hand to touch the floor. Keeping repeating this and do this for 1 minute.

Exercise 2: Flatter Abs and Thinner Thighs Please

In a seated position with your arms bent and finger tips by the sides of your head, extend one leg out in front, and be sure to constantly keep your tummy muscles pulled in. Now bend the extended leg back to the floor, and then extend the other one. (If you want to work those tummy muscles harder, then you can lean slightly further back.) Do this for 1 minute.

Exercise 3: The Wonder Waist

In a fully extended plank position, keeping your abdominals tight, in a controlled manner kick your left leg to the side. Hold, then bring back to the centre, hold, then kick your right leg out to the side. Do this for 1 minute.

Exercise 4: Touch Down Squats

Start on your tiptoes with your arms up above your head, now come into a deep squat and aim to get your left hand to touch the floor. Hold for a second, then come straight back up onto your tiptoes with arms above your head. Then this time lower back to a deep squat and aim for your right hand to touch the floor. Do this for 1 minute.

Example of your fitness schedule for Autumn

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
15 Fat Burning Walk  4 MinuteWorkout 15 Fat Burning Walk 4 MinuteWorkout 15 Fat Burning Walk Shopping(well it’s kind of cardio ) 4 MinuteWorkout


For the food bit, we should focus on just eating what I call clean fit food, and by that I mean avoiding eating anything processed, as this is always stuffed with nastiness like extra, sugar, salt, and more. So prepare your food yourself, and this will easily help keep off any extra calories.

Here are a couple of my favourite Fit Foods for autumn.

Go Healthy Pizza

 pizza 2 blog

Wash courgette and chop off either end, then slice lengthways. (You can normally get about 3 strips from one courgette.)

Then lightly score across the slices, and drizzle with the smallest drop of extra virgin olive oil.

Place under a medium grill to soften, regularly turning.

In the meantime, grate some mozzarella, then mash up some tomatoes and olives to create a paste, and then mix this all together, adding in a few mixed herbs.

Then remove the slices from the oven and thinly spread your mixture on your pizza base (oops, I mean courgettes), and place back under grill.

Once they start to go golden and crispy, they are then ready for you to devour.  (But let them cool down.)

pumpkinpie 3

And another perfect treat full of goodness for autumn is my Pumpkin Pie  Smoothie, which is like a pudding in a glass. The green spider is optional 🙂

Using a pumpkin puree (or you can do as I did and cut a pumpkin in half, then scoop out the fleshy bits and the seeds, and cut into chunks without the skin), boil until soft on a medium heat (approximately 20 minutes). This produces a lot, so you only need use a cupful, the rest you can freeze.

Then strain them and chuck into your blender, with 1 banana, and a splash of apple juice, and blend. It is so creamy when done, and a beautiful bright orange.  You can top it with a little dried coconut and some pumpkin seeds.


So if you stick with eating clean fit food and doing my workouts, this autumn you will not fall (excuse the pun) into unhealthy habits.