Filming for my YouTube Workouts – a lot more than just squats!!

First things first: coffee! This is my guilty pleasure, but it is also actually a very good stimulant to have before exercise, as coffee helps to give you that boost, improves your circulation and muscular endurance (which boy will I need. considering I will be filming workouts all day), plus the coffee fires you up mentally, and helps accelerate fat-burning, so let’s make that a large!





Weeks of writing and a pre-shoot dress rehearsal, we work together to create the storyboard. This involves getting all the finished workouts designed and then teamed up with the right outfit for each one, this process is what takes the time.

As a fitness expert I like to come up with new dynamic exercises that help us shape and tone our body all over, this way we get to see amazing results in a very short time. Every Monday a new workout video is posted on my YouTube Channel.



On arrival on set, the outfits are the first thing we set up. As each workout has a designated outfit this takes a little time at the beginning, but makes the day run smoothly, and for once I can’t say “I have nothing to wear”!


Now the fun bit, the Make-Up. Here with the amazing Naomi, who is a genius with hair and make-up, we use a great range of applications, and my personal favourite for foundation is MAC, so every shoot has just as much MAC as it does coffee.

make up 1

Once we are happy with the finished result we have to take the compulsory #makeupselfie

blog3 smaller


Not quite ready to start working out yet, as we now have to get the lighting right and this is never as simple as flicking a switch on and can take a while! So another chance for coffee and an outfit change!



Camera, Lights, Action – ready!!

So now after probably 3 hours we are finally ready to start filming, and this is the bit I love the most, even more than the make-up. After each workout it is a quick change to  a new outfit, then a rejig with the hair, from plaits to ponytails.

Finally, with all workouts completed, it is a wrap, and time to take down the studio and pack up the clothes and cosmetics. Then about another week is needed for all the editing for each video. Lastly comes the fun bit of uploading to YouTube for my subscribers to follow the workouts.

So even though my workouts are short and sweet, trust me girls, they took weeks to create. Including hours to decide which pair of trainers go with which pair of leggings.

thatsa a wrapxxxx

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