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High Intensity Interval Training – The Benefits & How to Do it (plus a 4 Minute Hiit Workout)

H.I.I.T is the biggest fitness trend and this one is set to stay.

Lucy Wyndham-Read

The reason why is that High Intensity Interval Training WORKS!!! And I speak as a Fitness Expert who’s been doing this for 20 years. I first learnt about this style of training when I joined the Army. Back in those days I was seriously unfit, and in fact at school I did no sports and had little confidence. And this was one of the reasons that in my 20’s I decided to sign the dotted line and join the army, as I wanted to become a strong, fit girl. This was one of the best things I could have done, as this is where I challenged myself and changed. Fitness was a big part of our daily training sessions and was always H.I.I.T-based workouts. I found that within 2 weeks I was fit and able to do all the workouts, and had quickly got in shape.

Throughout my 20 years in the fitness industry I have always used this style of training, and for me it is not new. It has actually been around for a long time, but finally the fitness industry has named it and branded it, and now everyone wants to be HIIT FIT.


It is quick. It burns body fat 9 times faster, even after you have worked out.

It increases your natural calorie burn.

It slows down the ageing process as it stimulates the Human Growth Hormone (this is what keeps us looking radiant).

It burns fat, not muscles.

It increases your lung capacity.

It is doable.

It makes training more fun.

And you can do it anywhere.


Yes. As a fitness expert I know that we can all get fit Here are 2 of my H.I.I.T Workouts. If you are a complete newbie to exercise, then you can start off with doing an H.I.I.T Walking Workout. This kind of exercise is low impact, but will build up your fitness levels.

Fitness Vlogger Lucy Wyndham -Read

H.I.I.T. can be applied to any form of exercise, from swimming to cycling, lunges to skipping. You simply focus on doing short bursts of working at a harder faster intensity, and then have bursts of recovery. These bursts can be from as little as 20 seconds up to 60 seconds, then recovery can be in spells of 10 – 30 seconds.

Here is  My 4 minute Front Room H.I.I.T. Workout from my latest  H.I.I.T book.

hitt 4 min for blogg


The workouts above, are all taken from my new “HIIT Book” which is available  in all good books shops from June 2015.

Buy the book now Click Here 

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Behind The Scenes of my YouTube Fitness Videos

Filming for my YouTube Workouts – a lot more than just squats!!

First things first: coffee! This is my guilty pleasure, but it is also actually a very good stimulant to have before exercise, as coffee helps to give you that boost, improves your circulation and muscular endurance (which boy will I need. considering I will be filming workouts all day), plus the coffee fires you up mentally, and helps accelerate fat-burning, so let’s make that a large!





Weeks of writing and a pre-shoot dress rehearsal, we work together to create the storyboard. This involves getting all the finished workouts designed and then teamed up with the right outfit for each one, this process is what takes the time.

As a fitness expert I like to come up with new dynamic exercises that help us shape and tone our body all over, this way we get to see amazing results in a very short time. Every Monday a new workout video is posted on my YouTube Channel.



On arrival on set, the outfits are the first thing we set up. As each workout has a designated outfit this takes a little time at the beginning, but makes the day run smoothly, and for once I can’t say “I have nothing to wear”!


Now the fun bit, the Make-Up. Here with the amazing Naomi, who is a genius with hair and make-up, we use a great range of applications, and my personal favourite for foundation is MAC, so every shoot has just as much MAC as it does coffee.

make up 1

Once we are happy with the finished result we have to take the compulsory #makeupselfie

blog3 smaller


Not quite ready to start working out yet, as we now have to get the lighting right and this is never as simple as flicking a switch on and can take a while! So another chance for coffee and an outfit change!



Camera, Lights, Action – ready!!

So now after probably 3 hours we are finally ready to start filming, and this is the bit I love the most, even more than the make-up. After each workout it is a quick change to  a new outfit, then a rejig with the hair, from plaits to ponytails.

Finally, with all workouts completed, it is a wrap, and time to take down the studio and pack up the clothes and cosmetics. Then about another week is needed for all the editing for each video. Lastly comes the fun bit of uploading to YouTube for my subscribers to follow the workouts.

So even though my workouts are short and sweet, trust me girls, they took weeks to create. Including hours to decide which pair of trainers go with which pair of leggings.

thatsa a wrapxxxx

If you are not already a follower, then click here to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for my Motivational Monday workouts, as this is all you need to help keep you in shape.


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The Fit Office


Staff fitness is a good company investment

Fact: A fit team will be highly driven and get better results.

office 1

Starting 30 minutes earlier with a quick workout in the office helps to fuel up the energy levels for the team, and sets a great start to a busy full-on day in the office.

Getting fit actually takes up little space and can easily be done without any equipment. Simple intervals of star jumps, planks, lunges, and squats, plus optionally a few little burpees (always with a light alternative offered), is great for every fitness level.

office 4

This is actually more than just fitness, it is team building!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the head office of Gold Group which is one of the largest independently owned technical recruitment companies in the UK –  I created  a 3-week fitness plan for their team.

The group was full of highly motivated staff that did not think twice about setting  their  alarms 45 minutes earlier on the  cold dark January mornings, knowing that this would be worth it in the end for their increased fitness, healthy energy, and most importantly getting to feel in great productive form the rest of the day. Additionally, at the end of each session there would be refreshment consisting of fresh fruit, giving a great nutritional start to the day.

office 5

Each one of the team put 100% percent into the workout, and pairing up on the exercise moves made a great way of team building, showing companionship and support.


Tips on how to get your team fit in the workplace:-

Raid the office fridge and biscuit tin and replace with healthy alternatives.

Encourage a lunchtime 10-minute walk around the block, to help rejuvenate energy levels.

Promote clean foods at lunchtime. Swap white bread for brown – just simple swaps like this can have big benefits and help keep energy levels high.

The 20-minute rule: sitting at the desk for 20-minute periods or longer starts to slow down the body’s energy levels, so always if possible get up from the desk briefly every 20 minutes, even if just to get a glass of water. This will help stimulate the body’s energy levels and calorie burn.

office 2

Reasons why encouraging fitness in the workplace helps the team:

1: The fitter you are, the less likely you are to catch any bugs or incur injuries. So less time off sick.

2: Fitness helps reduce stress levels.

3: Fitness helps stimulate the natural drive to achieve more.

4: Working out alongside your work colleagues is a great way of creating strong bonds.

office 6

For me, I loved every minute, getting up early in the winter months to work out with such  a vibrant team of people that had so much drive. That should be enough to make any boss proud.

ofice 7

For more information on tailored office fitness classes and nutritional advice in the workplace, email:

Click here for more  information on Gold Group TECHNICAL & PROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENT




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Top 10 Tips for a Healthy Heart

Tip 1: Walk it

Walking is in my top 3 favourite exercises, and you should never underestimate how powerful walking is. This natural low-impact exercise helps to keep your heart strong. Try this in your lunch hour: just grab your coat and head out and walk as far as you can for 10 minutes, then turn around and walk back. Hey presto, that is 20 minutes, and you still have 40 minutes left to enjoy your lunch.

bloog pic 1

 Tip 2: Ditch the salt

So many foods are already full of salt, and too much salt in your diet is bad for your heart, and can increase your blood pressure. So swap salt for herbs and spices. This way you can still sprinkle on flavour to your food. One seasoning that I like to use myself is dried coriander with pink peppercorns and a little drizzle of lime.

Tip 3: The 20-Minute Rule

Every 20 minutes be active, especially if you are seated at a desk, as sitting for long periods slows the body down, and allows it to become lazy. So move about and keep it on track, and even if it is just a quick 20-second walk around the office, this will keep everything ticking away nicely.

blog 2


Tip 4: Drink 3 of your 5 a day

Pretox smoothie 3x

Smoothies are a great way to ensure you are getting your vitamins, so try this one of mine: the “Love Your Heart Smoothie”.

Ingredients:-1 carrot, 1 pear, 2 small cooked beetroots.

Thoroughly wash  ingredients and then simply throw them whole into your juicer. Once juiced then drink This is super rich in Vitamin C, and the beetroot is great for your heart.

Tip 5:  Treat yourself

Each month set out your weekly fitness goals, which could be as simple as walking 20 minutes every day. Then at the end of the month, if you have achieved this, buy yourself a healthy gift, like a snazzy pair of trainers or a juicing machine.

blog 8


Tip 6: Add Fish

12 Salmon and Betroot

Fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fats which can help to protect your heart, so aim to have a fish dish twice a week. This one of mine here is a double treat for your heart, as it has both salmon and beetroot: simply take some cooked salmon and add some rocket, goat’s cheese and cooked beetroot.


 Tip 7: Get plenty of ZZZs

Sleeping is important, as this is when our body heals itself, and if we don’t get enough sleep, we simply don’t function on all cylinders the next day, and we slow our calorie burn down, so we can easily end up gaining weight, and then we can become more stressed, leading to a potential vicious circle. A good 7- 8 hours should help keep you in shape and less stressed.

Tip 8: Become your own Champion

There is no easier way to get fit than to sign up to a charity event. This gives you the motivation, and then also the reward, and an uplifting feeling of knowing what you have achieved. Take part in a charity event with The British Heart Foundation.

blog 10


 Tip 9: Back to school

Swap watching an hour of telly for learning online about how to live a healthier life. With Google and Youtube you can find the answer to everything, so learn some new healthy recipes or other tips and ideas on well being.




Tip 10: Buy more shoes

By this I mean keep pairs of trainers in the car, at work and by the front door, so that wherever you are you can slip into them and go and spoil your heart with a quick workout.

blog 11 resized

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How To Make Healthy Popcorn

Whether you are a savoury or a sweet girl, air-cooked popcorn is definitely the #1 snack out there,  and not only is it super low in calories at just 31 per cupful, but also it is high in antioxidants. So does it really get any better? Oh yes, as it is also super cheap.


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Top 10 Healthiest New Year’s Resolutions Tips

Fitness New Year Motivation

1: Get Outdoors

Outdoors Fitness

Head outside – it has so many benefits such as Vitamin D, and the fresh air, and you can go exploring. Ladies who lunch is so yesterday; it is now ladies who workout.




2: Be Little Miss Perfect

By this I mean try to perfect 3 basic toning moves. Keep it simple: stick with a lunge, plank, and squat, this way you are toning all over. So get Googling or go to my Instagram page @lucywyndhamread, which is full of moves for you.

Lucy Wyndham-Read


3:  Create the Recipe of the Year

5:2 Recipe

No cookbooks allowed, just get creative and come up with your own healthy meal or snack full of natural healthy ingredients. This was mine: lemon-drenched cod fillet on a bed of pea & quark purée, with chives! Delicious, and it comes in at just 158 calories and only takes 20 minutes to cook.


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Top 10 Beginners Running Tips for Women

Trust me girls running can be easy when you know how, and it is a great way to keep in shape and stay super fit. Here are my  Top 10 Tips, okay plus one extra at the end.

2 shoes

TIP 1: Find The Perfect Shoe 

It is the most important bit of kit for your running, so don’t base your decision on the choice of colour or the style , base it on comfort and the fit.



Tip 2: Warm it up Baby 

Don’t skip on your warm-up’s, as this helps ignite your core body temperature which then allows a fuller range of movement through your legs and arms making it easier to find a comfortable running pace. So spend a couple of minutes on warming up and stretching.

ig stretch


Tip 3: Be a Posture Princess  

Focus on keeping your upper body in good form, your arms should be at a 90 degree angle, and your elbows at your sides, back straight and shoulders level, and of course your face should be smiling.


Tip 4: Be  The DJ And Mix It Up


The biggest mistake newbies make in regard   to running  is simply just running!  This is hard if they don’t have the endurance to run for extended times.

So I teach on my “Run Your First 5k” a  Run/ Walk approach which has intervals of short runs mixed with brisk walks,  and then the easier  that running becomes the longer we run and the  less we walk.


Tip 5: Be 3 Times A Week Girl

The quickest way to see results and see your running improving is to have consistency in your training, so one session a week is not going to win you a prize, you have to make it 3 times then you will win every prize as 3 times a week will get you increasing and improving your fitness and running.

Tip 6: Eat Clean

Your food choices have a big impact on your running.Eating the right choice will give you energy, fuel your body and help it repair itself and get stronger and leaner. So swap processed, sugar and salt laden fake food meal for a delicious super tasty homemade runner’s treat. Like my Tuna and Onion Courgette Spaghetti with Chili Dip.

run blog tuna

Tip 7: Add Some Toning Moves

bunny hops rounded extra

Each week squeeze in a couple of toning workouts as this will help with your running as your increases your muscular endurance, plus it is a fabulous way to keep yourself super toned and your body building more calories.

Try my quick bench workout here. Click here to take you to the full workout.



Tip 8: Be Nosey

When it comes to breathing, focus on breathing in through your nose  and  exhaling through your mouth.

Tip 9:  Talk Talk

For a newbie to running, you should focus on running at an easy pace so you can easily talk, so call this your “conversational “ pace. This will help you fall in love with running and help you find your natural running pace.

Tip 10: Be a Waterholic

Be an 8 glasses a day girl, even if you are a nil glass  a day now! Then start drinking more waterwhite 3 every day, aiming for your 8, as it will always keep your body fully hydrated.

Plus it is super good for your hair, skin and nails.

And never go for a run without a full bottle of water.




Tip 11: No Time Like the Present 

Sign up to a local run, just do it right now, and now you have that goal! And you can so easily do this, give yourself 6 weeks and it will be the best feeling and investment into your health fitness and trust me you will look and feel amazing.

Click Here to Preview the “RUN YOUR FIRST 5K” album in Itunes


For the past five years I have been lucky enough to be the Official Race for Life Fitness Expert, and have devised all the Running and Training Plans for the millions of women who have taken part in the races nationwide. So if you want to fall in love with running and complete your first 5k then my Audio Download will teach you step by step all you need to know, and  it will be just like I am training alongside you. So if you want to learn to run go and grab your trainers  and click here and let’s get started. Lucy x


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Quick Full Body Workout

bench circuit 2 minuteOkay so here you go this workout of mine is super short! and is just:

2 MINUTES – 120 Seconds

I have created a mix of 3 compound moves which ensure your are engaging lots of muscles groups all at once then finishing  off with an isolated core exercise.

This way you get the heart rate up, so you burn off calories,  increase your fitness and then you tone all the following areas:

♥Thighs ♥ Bottom ♥ Abs ♥ Waist ♥ Bust ♥ Arms ♥

So you  need a bench or a “sturdy” surface that is approximately your knee height. And Put on your favorite upbeat tune and always as with any exercise do a quick warm up before hand.

EXERCISE 1: Alternating step ups, make sure you keep your upper body perfectly straight and drive the power through your leg as you step up. Ensure the whole of your foot is on the step. Keep those tummy muscles pulled in as your step up and down.

IMG_4631 rounded xxx

Do this for 1 Minute and 10 Seconds


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10 Top Tips on How To Pre-tox before Christmas

Brits are de-toxing earlier than ever, rating the pressure to look good at the office Christmas party as more important than a first date or even starting a new job.xmas smoothie

Research commissioned by Currys PC World reveals that almost half (50%) of Brits are ‘Pre-toxing’ (attempting to lose weight and feel good) in the run up to festive season, but only a third (35%) actually manage to see their diet and fitness regime through to December.

Instead of a post-Christmas detox, 47% of Brits will be starting their healthy pre-tox fitness regime in the next week, with more than a fifth (22%) making a concerted effort to slim down so they can fit into their favourite party outfit, and 13% admitting they feel the most pressure to look good as the office party and party invites begin to roll in. (more…)

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Autumn Fitness and Nutrition Tips

pumpkin pie smoothieGirls, let’s get ready for Autumn, or Fall, whatever you like to call it, and let’s not let those darker nights that are creeping in, and those cooler temperatures, make us discard our workout gear till next spring!

Also, often this time of year leads us to end up munching more on those stodgy foods, but instead check out some of my delicious healthy alternatives, like my “Pumpkin Pie Smoothie” or my “Go Healthy Pizza”.

So here is how you can stay gorgeous and super fit throughout the autumn.

As a trainer, with 20 years experience, I know what works, and what struggles and hurdles we go through, which is why I have put together this special blog for you, to make it easy to stay on track with your fitness and nutrition throughout the autumn.


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