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lucy picture kids for websiteNearly every day in the news is a story or frightening statistic on Childhood obesity  the latest is a 24 stone school boy.Click here to read the news  story

This is why as a Children’s Fitness Expert I wanted to create a series of books inspire our children to enjoy healthy foods and play fun active games. But also to educate the parent.

“a child absorbs so much from a young age and this is the time to inspire healthy habits”

7 fairys

Childhood Obesity is now one of the most crucial public health challenges for the 21st century. In 2010 the number of children under the age of 5 was estimated at 42 million worldwide!!! Yet this can be prevented by simply going back to basics, which is eating a healthy  diet. By that I mean plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and also get kids moving.  Just like I did as a child. It is likely that an overweight child will become an obese adult,  increasing the risk of disease, and will not enjoy life to the full. Kids should have heaps of energy, yet processed foods and computer games will drain them of this. This is why I produced a series of fun books where each character within the story always eats healthy foods, and where they always play a game which gives them a fun workout to inspire the young reader.

Let’s just go back to basics and keep childhood magical and healthy.

The Fairies’ Treasure Hunt

300Cover 3 Treasure Hunt

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This fun treasure hunt leads all the six fairies to the hidden treasure which is 6 golden magical seeds. Each fairy can choose a golden seed to turn in to any fruit tree she wishes for, but as with every story there is a twist! This book helps inspire children to grow and eat  their own fruit and vegetables just like the fairies, and as always with the Luniper Land books this has instructions on how to play “The Fairies’ Treasure Hunt Game” and how to make the “Super Healthy Luscious Luniper Smoothie”.


x christmas

“Who Stole the Snowman’s Nose”

On a beautiful winter’s morning Arabella the fairy excitedly draws back her  curtains to look out of the window at the wonderful snowman that she’s built, and is shocked to find that someone has stolen the snowman’s nose! Who could have taken it? Was it the Wizard Apprentices from the nearby Luniper Academy? Or could it be one of the other fairies, or perhaps the naughty cats Raisin and Sultana? Arabella is determined to find out who’s behind this theft. This magical Christmas time story is a fun adventure and as with all the stories from Luniper Land, it has a sprinkling of healthy eating and fun activities to inspire the young readers into eating well and being active. The game within the book is ” The Snowball Challenge”


300Cover 1 Picnic

The Fairies’ Picnic

The Fairie’s Picnic has a story full of adventure, with a fun active game called “The Toadstool Star Jumps“. Children reading the book can be inspired to join in the game and the picnic and with the fun fruit and vegetable snacks such as the “Broccoli Snow Trees” or “the Carrot and Avocado Peacock”.


 Adventures In Luniper Land

The Fairies’ Birthday Party


Childrens Healthy Eating Book

Every child loves a birthday party, and this one has a fun adventure that the children can play along with: “The Stepping Stone Game”. And they will also be inspired by all the healthy party food the fairies eat, like the tasty “Birthday Real Fruit Cake”.


 300dpiCover 5 HalloweenAdventures in Luniper Land

The Fairies’ Halloween Party


For that fun time of year Halloween this story has a great game called “Pass the Pumpkin”, which encourages children to be active, and includes  lots of healthy Halloween snacks and treats like the “Ghostly Bananas” and “Scary Pear Skulls”.


.Childrens Healthy StoryAdventures in Luniper Land

The Fairies’ Rainy Day


This fun-packed story has the perfect activity game for children to play indoors called The Butterfly Jump Game, which is ideal for a rainy day, alongside some fun super-healthy breakfast ideas such as “Mashed Eggs on Star Shape Toast” or ” Vanilla Yoghurt with Melon Circles”.