This in depth 4 week plan which has  21 pages  designed to help show you HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT and more importantly HOW TO KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF as this in depth guide teaches you about a lifestyle not a quick fix, and the 10 workout videos with my plan are all ideal for someone who is obese, as these are all low impact, doable and are designed for fat loss and the best bit is you can do these all in front room and with no equipment needed. I also go through a 7 day healthy eating plan which means you will be losing body fat , and the  handy picture portion guide is a great tool for you to use all the time. So this guide is going to take you on an incredible journey with permanent results and an exciting outlook to the future, and all this for less than 2 cups off coffee, so save your money from spending hundreds on gimmicks and plans that don’t work and instead save that money as you are going to need to buy a new wardrobe as your clothes are going to be falling off you, so get ready for some fun shopping for smaller sizes clothes.

28 Day Full Plan:

10 Low Impact Weight Loss Workout Videos

7 Day Healthy Eating Plan

Picture Portion Food Guide

Motivational Mindset Tips

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