Get Yourself an Olympic Beach Volleyball Body in just 3 Moves

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Beach Volleyball Girls always have super toned and super sculpted bodies, which is not surprising when you think about how the game involves lots of jumping and fast sprints to smash that  beach ball over the net.

It is these moves that create the perfect workout package. Short burst of running to reach the volley ball work on High Intensity Training. This is where you push yourself to the maximum, and the effect of this is that it supercharges your metabolism and strips the body of fat.Then there are all the jumps to reach the ball. This is known as Plyometrics, and the effect of these powerful explosive jump movements is not only to increase your speed power, but also to get those super sculpted legs, thighs and bottom, as these challenge all these muscles. And that’s what allows those girls to jump in their bikini bottoms with confidence.

Finally, the other significant part of playing Volleyball is that you engage a lateral movement, which means a movement sideways. This is what helps to sculpt and draw in the muscles, and is especially good at drawing in the waist and working your core for balance. And this is what gives those girls those super flat tummies.

So with this in mind I have put together a mini workout that you can do at home that will replicate the moves used in Volleyball. But unfortunately I cannot provide the beach.

You should always spend a couple of minutes simply warming up, so march up and down the stairs,  or just on the spot. This will ensure you have thoroughly warmed up through your muscles and prepared your body for exercise.


Exercise 1: The Lateral Lunge and Lift








Start in a side lunge position with opposite hand in front of the foot. Now pull in your tummy muscles, push off from the bent leg, and come up to centre, drawing your knee to elbow. Hold here for a second, now slowly lower back to the start position. Repeat on the same leg for 10, then change to the other leg.

This is a lateral (sideways) movement similar to those in Volleyball, and we are using full range from low to high, imitating those we would be making if we were aiming to hit the beach ball close to the ground or by the net.


Exercise 2: The Plyometric Squat






Come into a deep squat position, with arms extended in front of you. Make sure your knees do not go over the line of your toes, keep the bottom sticking out and the tummy muscles pulled in tight. Now from this position jump up and then land in the same deep squat. Aim to keep the arms out in front. Do this 10 times.

This is a Plyometric move that is used when jumping high from a low position to hit the beach ball.


Exercise 3: The Core Toner





Sit on the floor with your knees bent and both arms extended straight out in front. Now lean back slightly, making sure you keep those tummy muscles pulled in. You should instantly feel this working in those abdominals. Now, holding this position, open one arm out to the side, hold, then bring arm back. Now open the other arm, at all times keeping tummy muscles tight. Do this 16 times.

This is all about working your core muscles (deep middle body muscles), which is used for balance and power with every move with the game.

So here is your fun little Home Beach Volleyball workout that you can do 3 times a week. To get the most out of any workout it is important to always combine with healthy eating, and you should always keep yourself fully hydrated. And as this is all about beach volleyball, why not have a super hydrating drink like ZICO which is pure coconut water and full of potassium, and the lovely coconut flavour is the perfect way to enjoy keeping hydrated.

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