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Possibly one of the top children’s Halloween books this year!
It’s Halloween and all the fairies of Luniper Land are planning a  fancy dress Halloween party.  Bellina, the bossy fairy has an idea on how to make it the best Halloween Party ever! The Greedy Goblins of Lardy Land must watch out!

Keeping Halloween Healthy and Fun

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When it comes to Halloween stories for children this one takes some beating, watch out for the the two fairies disguised as a witch and wizard, along with a ghost, a pumpkin, a black cat, a broomstick and a cheeky trick or treat! As a kids Halloween book of course there are also ideas for Halloween costumes for kids. 

As an added bonus you will discover…the ‘Adventures in Luniper Land’ books are not just ordinary story books. Each book includes; a game or activity involving some kind of fun physical exercise that can be easily replicated at home, along with ideas on how parents can create fun food to inspire their children to eat a balanced diet, including all the essential proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins & minerals.

“It is a proven fact that the healthier a human is in childhood, the healthier they will be in adulthood.”


All in all this is surely one of the best Halloween books for kids.