How to tone your arms and lose arm fat!

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Lose Arm Fat

 How it works

You simply follow the weekly workouts and training schedule set out for you within the plan, each workout has images and step by step guide, so it is easy to complete the workouts with the correct form. Each day has a full  healthy eating plan, which are created to supply you with a diet high in anti oxidants and vitamins so you will look and feel better as well as reducing excess body fat. Here is an example from day 3 of the plan:

What you can expect

No More Bingo Wings * Reduced Arm Fat* Sexy Shoulders* Slimmer Arms

 Why it works

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As a  female personal trainer I know how so many women have come to me in a desperate bid to get rid of arm fat and baggy un-toned muscles. The reason why this happens is simple; if we carry excess body fat there is a good chance it can sit on our arms just like it does on our abs and butt and also if we do not engage all our major arm muscles with some form of toning exercise at least 3 times a week, the muscles will become lazy and un-toned which means they can become flabby and saggy.

So by adding in my 3 minute arm routines  you will  quickly see results and watch that arm fat reduce.

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  As a female trainer I understand that women want toned muscles but never want that masculine bulky look, so for all my arm workouts I use my unique approach and encourage people to use some specialised arm exercises for women, which gives tone and definition without the bulk. So no matter what your age, as long as you are toning those arm muscles by minutes not reps, eating a healthy high protein diet and exercising regularly, you too can have those arms to be proud of.lucy wyndham r

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