London Marathon Top Tips

Creating your Marathon Playlists: Music is a great motivator and can help set your pace with the Beats to the Music

It is a good idea to have 3 Different Playlists , click here to see this album on iTunes

Playlist 1: The Comfortable Run, this should comprise of Music with  Beats per Minute that range between 120-135 this will keep you running at a comfortable pace which should be the majority of the race.

Good examples: Lady Gaga Born this Way 124 BPM and another Rhinana Only Girl in the World  126 BPM

Playlist 2: For when you have that little burst and you are keen to keep on track for reaching your time and want to take over a few fellow runners then have some Songs with a faster Beats per minute being 160 or over  such as David Guttea & Usher Without You 164 BPM

Playlist 3: Then we all have our own songs that motivate us and make us feel strong and this can be when you need that extra push or simply have your favourite song to listen to you as you cross the finish line


In the last two weeks it is a great time for you to reflect how well you have done over the last few months and what a great achievement you have already made. So now also is a good time to start looking online at the course and familiarising yourself with the route and even mini goals from different markers on route!

The most exciting of all will be the 385 yards to the Finish Line up the Mall so this is your Ultimate goal but break down all the other famous landmarks as your mini goals each time you pass one you are then closer to your next, so focus on all the great sightseeing you will see and do a little research online prior about the landmarks that really interest you so whether it is:

The Cutty Sark or Cleopatra’s Needle or hearing the Bells of Big Ben, all this helps with keeping you focused and your mind busy.



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