Look good in your Louboutin Shoes with these Super Sculpting Leg Exercises

By Lucy Wyndham-Read

Shoes are now super high and with sparkles and stunning designs so it is even more important to keep your legs super toned and super sleek to showcase your beautiful shoes.

To keep your pins in enviable shape you need to focus on defining your legs muscles with specific toning exercises alongside a deep stretch, this keeps your Calf muscles long and lean and prevent it from bulking up from wearing our sky scrapers!! Which let’s face it we are all prepared to suffer a little pain to wear our beautiful shoes!!
So here are some great exercises and tips to keep your legs looking super sleek!

Exercise 1
Head over Heels
Stand feet hip width distance apart, tummy pulled in and knees slightly bent.
Keep good straight upper body posture and arms relaxed by your sides. Take a deep breath out and slowly raise your heels off the floors high as you can, hold for a second then slowly lower your heels back to the floor now gentle rock back onto your heels so that toes are in the air, hold for a second the release.
Aim to do between 12 -18

Exercise 2
The Luscious Leg Lunge
Standing with good upper body posture, feet wider than shoulder width distance apart, tummy muscles pulled in and hands on your hips.
Now take a big step forward and bend the leg behind, hold for a second then push off from your heel on the front leg back to your start position. Repeat alternating legs; make sure you don’t allow the front knee to shoot over the line of your toes.

 Aim to do 20 of these.

Super Sexy Step Stretch
The price we pay for wearing our beautiful high shoes can sometimes play havoc on our lower leg muscles which can become tight, ( even bulky)
So by stretching you can prevent any tightness and create that long lean look.

Stand on edge of step or raised stable surface with your heels off the edge use hands by wall or banister for support and balance off the edge, feet hip width distance apart. Slowly raise up onto your toes, making sure your feet don’t roll inwards or outwards, hold for a few seconds, then slowly lower your heels allowing the heels to push down so you feel a lovely stretch through the back of the calve muscle hold this for 10 seconds.
Repeat this twice.
*never stretch cold muscles so always ensure you are warm, do this by simply marching on the spot so you increase your core body temperature.

Other Tips

Add a tan, legs always look slimmer with a tan, so top up on your fake tan, always exfoliate first and to add that extra glam touch just like the models do in photo shoots apply a little highlighter or oil down the front of the shins.

This will give you the Va Va voom in your super sexy heels.

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