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About Lucy (and how it all started)

YouTube Fitness Expert, Presenter and Author (with over 20 years experience)

At the age of 19 Lucy decided that despite her girly image, and the fact that she had been bullied and  at school, and that the thought of doing any sport  quite terrified her, she wanted to take on what was for her the ultimate challenge, of joining the Army. It was during her 5 years of serving in the British Army that she learnt some of the highly effective skills which she has used to her advantage. In particular she learned about fitness, motivation, and utter determination, and how to never give up! and shout out the words #yesIcan and create the online community #LucysSquad

Lucy has been involved in the Health & Fitness industry for over 20 years, and now in her mid-forties she has a wealth of experience in what works and how to get results. With a YouTube Channel with over 189 Thousand Subscribers and 16.2 million views, as well as appearing frequently on TV channels such as Sky News, BBC1,  Channel 4 and Channel 5. She is the Fitness Expert for The Sun Newspaper and has her own column in Feel Good You Magazine and often appears in publications such as, ELLE, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, The Guardian, Red, OK, You, Stylist and many more.

To hear Lucy’s  journey and story watch her recent Ted Talk video click on the picture below

Recently Lucy was invited to do a Tedx Talk at Guildford University about her story, her mission and how she plans to get the world fit through social media.


Lucy is a qualified Personal Trainer, as well as being qualified in Nutrition for Weight Loss, Pre &Postnatal Fitness, Aerobics Instructor, Children’s Health and Fitness Specialist.