National Sandwich Week is here so make sure you pick a healthy one for lunch!!

It is officially National Sandwich Week, so with this in mind and considering that last year it is estimated over 1.8 billion sandwiches were purchased, it is not surprising that this is the most popular choice of food at lunchtime.  Yet what appears to be an innocent sandwich, and can sound healthy in its title, can often be stuffed with more fat and calories then we expect, so this easy on-the-go food can soon help expand our waistline if we make the wrong choices. So with this in mind, I went to the major high street fast food stores and became the Sandwich Detective, finding out which are the ones to order and the ones to avoid, and which ones can save you in some cases a whopping 340 Calories each time!!!!!


Avoid Brie & Caramelised OnionSandwich which comes out at a whopping 547 Calories

Opt for the Roast Chicken with Herb Mayonnaise which is only 314 calories.

Saving  233 Calories

Costa Coffee

Avoid The Cheddar Ploughman’s which is a grand total of 521 Calories

Opt for the Healthy Prawn sandwich 358 calories

Saving you  163 Calories


Avoid The Mexican Bandit Baguette with a staggering 660 calories

Opt for the Ham Salad Oval Bite only 320 calories

Saving you a massive 340 calories


Avoid the Chicken and Bacon 6 inch at 516 calories

Opt for the Turkey Breast 6 inch at only 278 Calories

Saving you 238 calories

Prêt a Manger

Avoid The Classic Ham & Egg Bloomer at 599 Calories

Opt for the Scottish Smoked Salmon at a healthy 348 calories

Saving you 348 Calories

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