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One thing most mums are keen to do after giving birth is to get back into shape, or even just back into exercising, but this is where  we need a clear understanding of how to do it safely.

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The last thing you want to do is put too much stress on your body. After all, it has been pretty amazing to you over the last 9 months, so respect is very much needed here, and understanding how a postnatal body works is key when it comes to putting together an effective postnatal workout plan. Knowing how your body works and understanding which are the right postnatal exercises is of the most paramount importance.

The 2 most frequent questions as a Postnatal Trainer  that I get asked are:

Well the first thing is to make sure you are patient, and wait at least 6 weeks. But the wait before exercise after a C-section delivery can be up to 10 weeks, and we are all unique, so I would always recommend you check with your midwife first.

Then the next thing is to understand what has happened to your abdominals over the past months, and understand the structure of your tummy muscles.

So from my drawings above you can see we have 3 muscles groups in the abs to work, and where so many new mums go wrong is that they rush into doing sit-ups hoping this will get their abs back fast, but this is the WORST exercise to do!  The reason being that you are only focusing on the top muscle, the Rectus Abdominis, and this won’t help draw that separation back. Instead, you need to be working on the deepest muscle first, the Transverse Abdominis, to tighten and strengthen this, which then allows that separation to knit back nicely together. One of the best exercises for that is this one:


Step 1: Kneel on the mat on all fours, making sure your hands are directly under your shoulders and knees are under your hips.  The most important thing is that you focus on keeping your tummy muscles pulled in and up.

Step 2:  Making sure to keep your hips still by pulling your tummy muscle in and up, hold, then slowly extend one arm and also the opposite leg, so that you form a straight line. Hold, then slowly lower to your start position. Alternate sides.

Then the second question I get asked is:

The best way is Walking, as the benefits of walking are endless. It is low impact, so in other words it is kind on your joints; it burns fat; and it tones up your legs, hips, bum, tum, and arms. And this makes it the perfect postnatal cardio exercise. But better still, you can combine this with heading out with the pram, so turn it into a Power-Pram-Walk.  It is important though to make sure you have the pram handles at hip height, and always take water with you.  Focus on just 10 minutes to start with, a few times a week, then build it up by a few minutes each week.  This will help you lose baby weight, and is a new mum’s super friendly post-pregnancy exercise. It will help supercharge your energy levels, banish any baby blues, and help tone up your tummy, lift up your butt, and tone those thighs.

Then for a post-pregnancy diet, simply look at eating a healthy balanced diet, and avoid any drastic calorie counting or any fad diets, especially if you are breast feeding.  So stick with plenty of vegetables, lean meats, fish, wholemeal carbs, and  fruit, and  keep your hydration levels topped up by always drinking plenty of water.

My 6 Week PostNatal Weight Loss Plan

This easy-to-follow plan will help you get back in shape fast, by targeting all the key areas to get you looking like a Yummy Mummy, with exercises that help knit the abdominal muscles back together, alongside Power-Pram Workouts that help melt body fat and at the same time even work your pelvic floor. Plus lots of easy-to-follow home toning exercises that tone for your bottom, bust, and legs.

Best of all, the workouts are quick, simple, and easy to fit in, so when you have a spare 5 minutes when your baby is asleep you can get toning. Plus the album has a Free Download Booklet with a 7 Day Healthy Eating Plan to help you shift any excess weight.

The album also has a Bonus Track called “Me Time” which is your special relaxation time.

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But more than anything enjoy being a mum.