bench circuit 2 minuteOkay so here you go this workout of mine is super short! and is just:

2 MINUTES – 120 Seconds

I have created a mix of 3 compound moves which ensure your are engaging lots of muscles groups all at once then finishing  off with an isolated core exercise.

This way you get the heart rate up, so you burn off calories,  increase your fitness and then you tone all the following areas:

♥Thighs ♥ Bottom ♥ Abs ♥ Waist ♥ Bust ♥ Arms ♥

So you  need a bench or a “sturdy” surface that is approximately your knee height. And Put on your favorite upbeat tune and always as with any exercise do a quick warm up before hand.

EXERCISE 1: Alternating step ups, make sure you keep your upper body perfectly straight and drive the power through your leg as you step up. Ensure the whole of your foot is on the step. Keep those tummy muscles pulled in as your step up and down.

IMG_4631 rounded xxx

Do this for 1 Minute and 10 Seconds

EXERCISE 2: Bunny hops, with your hands firmly placed on the edge of the bench jump your legs to the opposite side, then jump them straight back. Keep jumping the legs from side to side. Engage your core muscles throughout.

bunny hops rounded extra

Do this for 20 seconds.

EXERCISE 3: Press Up,  keeping tummy pulled in tight and your heels, hips and head should all be in a straight line. As you perform the press ups be sure to constantly keep those tummy muscles pulled in.

push up round up

Do this for 20 seconds.

EXERCISE 4: The V Hold, sitting on the bench place your hands behind you with a firm grip, lean back slightly and pull in your tummy muscles and bend your legs, then slowly and in a controlled manner extend your legs away and lean back a little further as your bend the elbows and hold (it is important that you constantly keep those tummy muscles pulled in).

legs straight roundewned

Hold this for 10 Seconds.

And that is simply your 120 second workout done. As always cool down and stretch, and if you have more time then you can simply repeat the circuit again.

Lucy x