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Running your first ever 5k

Running a 5k is the best distance and is a very achievable goal for a complete beginner and you can easily go from 0k to 5K in just 6 weeks. Running is one of those exercises that once you learn how to do it, you will fall in love with it, and then you have a tool and a way of staying in incredible shape and keeping fighting fit for evermore.  Running is not only great for giving you super defined, legs, it is also a great abs fat burner, and with every stride you take you also give your butt a natural lift. Yet one of the most important muscles that running works is your heart as running is all about cardio vascular fitness so this means every time you run you are improving the health of your heart.
So this is how you get from running zero miles to then easily being able to run 3.1miles (5K)
For a complete beginner for the first few weeks of training you focus on the minutes and not the miles, this is where so many new runners go wrong and tend to give up. You start with intervals of walking to jogging then over the weeks you change the timings and ratios of the walk to run.

The benefit of this is that for an absolute beginner this is the right way to slowly adapt the muscles to running and mentally knowing you have those short bursts makes it achievable.
The other incredible thing with this form of interval training is each time you go from walk to run, or run to walk that actual transition of the movement and input means the body works harder and you get fitter.
I have helped  thousands of new comers to running complete their first ever 5 ks  with my running plans and the key is to have focus, have a plan and  weekly increase your timings and learn how to run with good form.
By taking a steady approach and applying lots of visualisation techniques while you are training, a great example of this is a lot of new runners, tense up in their fists when they run and this can cause tightness and pain in your shoulders and actually makes running harder, so I always say imagine in both hands your are cupping a butterfly, instantly this unclenches those fists and relaxes your arms, which as a result makes running easier.

So if this has now inspired you to get those trainers on and start feeling incredible by having the perfect achievable fitness goal then here is  a workout you can do which is from  my “Beginners Running Workout, Run 5k in 6 Weeks” Audio Album
So for week 1 simply do this 12 Minute routine:  Start with 2 minutes of walking then2 minutes of jogging repeat this 3 times. Aim to do this 3 – 4 times a week .
The “Beginners Running Workout, Run 5k in 6 Weeks” Audio Album I have created is designed so it is just like having me as your personal running Coach for 6 weeks, as I am constantly motivating your through your head phones, I worked with alongside a music producer to create a soundtrack that has the right beats per minute for the running intervals, I do all the timing for the intervals so you don’t need to be looking at your watch you can simply just focus on you training and you and I work as a team and you will see how each week you are becoming fitter and running is then becoming easier. You will feel so much more confident and know that as you run you are also learning all the important tips on how to run safely as I guide you through.

So if you are ready so am I, grab your trainers, and grab your headphones and let’s get going!

All you need to do is plug this in before you start your training.

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