It should be one of the easiest ways for us to keep fit and in shape! as after all you just put one foot in front of the other!!! Yet why is that RUNNING can feel so hard, well the answer is you have probably done what most people myself included have done and that is “Run before you can Walk”!!!! If you are more of a

So speaking from experience I used to dread running, and would find it so hard and after 1 minute would want to give up!! Yet now to me running a 5k is a breeze! So if you are a  complete beginner to running  or even a complete beginner to fitness! Then be rest assured you can run a 5K in 6 weeks! so whatever your fitness level and even if you are a couch potato this plan will just about  get anyone off the couch and running 5km in 6 weeks.

The benefits of running are great from keeping you in shape, keeping  your heart and lungs healthy, supercharging  your energy and  decreasing any stress levels!!

womanrunningAlso for us girls it is a fabulous way of keeping our derriere nice and pert ,those abs fat free and slim and toned thighs. Plus you can do this anywhere and a great free exercise that you can even squeeze into your lunch-hour.

So how can you go from not being able to run to completing your 5k (which is just over 3.2 miles?)

Easy and here’s how:

 Self Belief

run belief 1Firstly programme your motivation and self belief to say “ I can do this and I will” as you have to believe and commit.

Then you are half way there, for your training we start be doing a mix of walking and gentle jogging intervals, and each week you slightly reduce the time spent walking and increase you jogging. As per the routine below.

Kit List

 kit listGet kitted up: You don’t need to invest in lots of expensive fitness gear just a good pair of running shoes and girls don’t forget a sports bra (as this keeps our assets snug and in place) then just layer up. As you soon warm up and you can then just peel off those layers to keep your body temperature cool.

The important part that often gets over looked is Cross Training or as I like to call in Enhancement Training, this is simply where we do an easy to follow routine that helps build endurance and strength  in the key major muscles we engage for running which are your legs, arms and core. The bonus of this is not only does it make running become easier it also burns heaps of calories and gets you super toned. Check out the workout below.

The Running Enhancement Routine

Twice a week complete this workout below, simply do each exercise for 30 seconds, and aim to repeat the routine twice. Each week add an extra 10 seconds to each exercise and you will see before you know it you are doing a minute on each one.

Exercise 1

TAC blog exercise 1The Squat: (this helps give you endurance and stamina through your lower body)

Start by standing with good posture and your feet hip width distance apart. Now slowly bend through your knees extending your arms out straight in front of you and holding the squat position. Making sure your knees don’t come over the line of your toes, hold then push back up. Aim to do this for 30 seconds.

 Exercise 2

TAC blog exercise 2Runners Arms (this helps to build endurance through your arms which helps with your running speed). You can either use very light hand weights of small bottles of water. Simply standing in a hip width distance stance, tummy pulled in tight, now mimic your arms as if you are running bringing them forwards and backwards. Aim to do this for 30 seconds.

Exercise 3

TAC Blog exercise 3Runners Core (this strengthens your core which you engage as it helps stabilizes your body as your heel comes off the ground when you run).

Start on all fours aiming to have your body in a straight line, keep your tummy pulled in tight and now slowly bring one knee in towards the chest, hold then extend back, keep alternating. Aim to do this for 30 seconds.

The Run your First 5K Weekly Plan

Week 1: Ratio 2 minute walk/ 1 minute Jog repeat 4 times

Week 2: Ratio 1 minute walk / 2 minutes jog repeat 5 times

Week 3: Ratio 1 minute walk/4 minutes jog repeat 4 times

Week 4: 14 minutes gentle jog

Week 5: 18 minute gentle jog

Week 6 : 20 minute gentle jog (when you can run nonstop for 20 minutes you can then run a 5k as you are official a runner)

Audio Running Workout

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Download the 6 Week Workout on to you iPhone, iPod or Mp3 player and we can train together as I will motivate you and time you with all your intervals, just like having me as your personal running coach.