Stunning Strictly Come Dancing star Kristina Rihanoff reveals how she stays in shape

kristina_0When it comes to dancing you don’t get any more glamorous than the beautiful and super talented Kristina Rihanoff. I was lucky enough to catch up with her at the opening  of the Everyone  Active Westcroft Leisure Centre, the other day, and got to learn how she stays in such amazing shape, and she shared with me some tips on how she always has that gorgeous glowing skin when she is performing.

LWR: So firstly I have to ask how old were you when you first started dancing, and was it always your dream?

KR: I actually had wanted to be a ballerina, and at the age of 6 my mother took me to a ballet school, but they discovered that I had what is known as a very tight hip turnout, which would have meant it would have been very painful, so they suggested I try ballroom, and this is how I then trained, and learned lots of styles of dance from ballroom to disco.

LWR: So do you think dancing is a good activity for children to do, as nowadays kids have become so inactive with new technology, and childhood obesity is now an epidemic?

KR: Dancing is such a great way to keep fit, and it is more than just dancing, it is a sport, and you not only get fit, but it gives you so many interaction skills and helps with confidence. So it is great for young kids, but to be honest for any age, and I have helped promote the Everyone Active School of Dance, encouraging us all to get fit and healthy.

LWR: Are you super good with your nutrition?

KR: I have always eaten well, and growing up I had a very healthy diet. We lived in Russia near a seaport, so ate lots of fresh fish. I just eat sensibly, and would never eat fried, unhealthy foods.

LWR: Obviously dancing is how you keep fit, but do you do any other forms of exercise?

KR: I do Bikram yoga (90 mins yoga in hot room). I find this a nice way to relax, but also it is good for letting my muscles recover after lots of dancing, and helps to keep me flexible. As a dancer you need good mobility and flexibility within your joints and muscles, as this helps with your posture and keeps all the moves graceful.

LWR: What is your favourite dance to perform?

KR: I love dancing Latin, and my favourite would be Rumba as it is a very dramatic dance.

LWR: Okay, I have to ask, how do you always have such gorgeous glowing skin?

KR: I use the St Tropez mousse, as I find it really hydrates my skin and keeps the tone nice and even, plus I drink lots of water.

LWR: So do you ever get any time to relax?

KR: Not really. I would say that I am a workaholic, and my diary is now fully booked with work until the end of July. But then I will be taking a month off, and then I will get to relax.

LWR: I love fitness, but I have to say my dancing is not great, so how easy would it be for me to learn?

KR: it is easy, and as with anything, practice makes perfect.

LWR: Well I’d best put on my dancing shoes and practice.

Kristina is performing with Robin Windsor in “Burn the Floor “ at the Shaftesbury Theatre from the 6th March. Check here for more details:

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