Staff fitness is a good company investment

Fact: A fit team will be highly driven and get better results.

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Starting 30 minutes earlier with a quick workout in the office helps to fuel up the energy levels for the team, and sets a great start to a busy full-on day in the office.

Getting fit actually takes up little space and can easily be done without any equipment. Simple intervals of star jumps, planks, lunges, and squats, plus optionally a few little burpees (always with a light alternative offered), is great for every fitness level.

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This is actually more than just fitness, it is team building!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the head office of Gold Group which is one of the largest independently owned technical recruitment companies in the UK –  I created  a 3-week fitness plan for their team.

The group was full of highly motivated staff that did not think twice about setting  their  alarms 45 minutes earlier on the  cold dark January mornings, knowing that this would be worth it in the end for their increased fitness, healthy energy, and most importantly getting to feel in great productive form the rest of the day. Additionally, at the end of each session there would be refreshment consisting of fresh fruit, giving a great nutritional start to the day.

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Each one of the team put 100% percent into the workout, and pairing up on the exercise moves made a great way of team building, showing companionship and support.


Tips on how to get your team fit in the workplace:-

Raid the office fridge and biscuit tin and replace with healthy alternatives.

Encourage a lunchtime 10-minute walk around the block, to help rejuvenate energy levels.

Promote clean foods at lunchtime. Swap white bread for brown – just simple swaps like this can have big benefits and help keep energy levels high.

The 20-minute rule: sitting at the desk for 20-minute periods or longer starts to slow down the body’s energy levels, so always if possible get up from the desk briefly every 20 minutes, even if just to get a glass of water. This will help stimulate the body’s energy levels and calorie burn.

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Reasons why encouraging fitness in the workplace helps the team:

1: The fitter you are, the less likely you are to catch any bugs or incur injuries. So less time off sick.

2: Fitness helps reduce stress levels.

3: Fitness helps stimulate the natural drive to achieve more.

4: Working out alongside your work colleagues is a great way of creating strong bonds.

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For me, I loved every minute, getting up early in the winter months to work out with such  a vibrant team of people that had so much drive. That should be enough to make any boss proud.

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