The Spiralizer is all you need to turn courgettes into guilt-free pasta so whether it is Zucchini Noodles with a Avocado Sauce topped with Lime and Feta ,or guilt free Courgette  Carbonara.


Nowadays we’re often on the go, rushing from one appointment to another, and just  grabbing food as we go, which more often than not can be unhealthy processed foods. Many of  these convenience foods have a clever way of labelling themselves which can be very misleading. If it shouts out it is Low-Fat then it will normally be high in sugar, and the Low-Sugar will more often than not be high in fat! So frustrating, as you don’t know what you are eating!

The healthiest, cheapest, and tastiest answer is to Do It Yourself, and one great way to make a huge amount of  healthy, clean, and unprocessed meals & snacks is with the kitchen gizmo called a Spiralizer. Using this you can instantly make your own version of spaghetti, just using a courgette, which by the way is low fat and low sugar.J Or you could make cucumber noodles, or oven-baked apple crisps with cinnamon, or sweet potato rice – the list goes on.

The spiralizer is one of the best ways to make sure you easily get your 5 a day, and save £’s as well as keeping off the lbs.  cover

So say hello to the magic tool that every kitchen, and even office, should have, as this clever machine will inspire you to have a clean healthy diet for ever.

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Check out this video on how easy it is to make Guilt-free Pasta with Tomato and  Seeded Feta