Fitness New Year Motivation

1: Get Outdoors

Outdoors Fitness

Head outside – it has so many benefits such as Vitamin D, and the fresh air, and you can go exploring. Ladies who lunch is so yesterday; it is now ladies who workout.




2: Be Little Miss Perfect

By this I mean try to perfect 3 basic toning moves. Keep it simple: stick with a lunge, plank, and squat, this way you are toning all over. So get Googling or go to my Instagram page @lucywyndhamread, which is full of moves for you.

Lucy Wyndham-Read


3:  Create the Recipe of the Year

5:2 Recipe

No cookbooks allowed, just get creative and come up with your own healthy meal or snack full of natural healthy ingredients. This was mine: lemon-drenched cod fillet on a bed of pea & quark purée, with chives! Delicious, and it comes in at just 158 calories and only takes 20 minutes to cook.


4: Get Herbal

If you are doing 5:2, then on your fasting days every hour pick your choice of herbal tea, as variety is the spice of life. And having something hot helps keep those cravings at bay. So whether it’s green tea or apple & cinnamon, keep boiling that kettle.

5: Say No to the Escalator

Simply make it a rule that cannot be broken in 2015 to take the stairs every time. And if no-one is looking, go back down and then up again.

Fitness Motivation


6: Back to School

Go back to your school days and start taking a packed lunch to work. This way you control the goodness in your lunchtime treats and are not held ransom to the corner shop stock of, say, a coronation chicken white sandwich, which could easily be a 400 calorie job!

 7: Be Adventurous

Try a new fruit or vegetable every month. Sometimes we can all be guilty of continually eating the same thing, but the more varied your diet is, then the richer in vitamins and minerals it will become.

8: Do it for 4 Minutes

Just 4 minutes of exercise can increase your calorie burn for the rest of the day!

4 Minute Workout

This works by doing a 20-second burst of high-intensity exercise followed by a 10-second recovery, all just in 4 minutes.  This raises your hourly calorie burn by an extra 35 calories, and guess what, it can stay elevated for up to 10 hours, which is 350 calories. (Click here to read more on this.)


9: Get Social

Share your goals and fitness challenges online. Sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube are a great way to get support, advice, and motivation. Recruit some fitness buddies, who could be work colleagues or your FB buddies.

Fitness Tip

 10: Sunday night is Soup Night

Let’s be honest, Sunday nights are normally nights in, so this makes the perfect time to head to the kitchen, in your cosy clothes, and start chopping those veggies and making a big batch of healthy delicious soup. Use zip-top plastic freezer bags to freeze any leftover soup. It will last up to 1 month in the freezer.

Plus 2 more tips.

11. Be a 10 Thousand A Day Girl

Walking Tip

Aim to complete 10 thousand steps a day. You can monitor your progress by wearing a pedometer, and you will be surprised just how quickly the numbers mount up.

10,0000 a day: will help keep you super healthy and fit and in great shape.

This picture is taken from my “21 Day Love Your Body Plan” click here for more details on this Fitness and Nutrition  plan and to find out about the pink poodle! 

Saving the best for last


Simply put, if YOU want the results, then YOU can have them. And to be healthy and slim is actually easy, when we understand that exercise is just about being active, and that food is delicious when you make it yourself.

So here’s to you, and to having the fittest and healthiest year yet.

Lucy x