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I am a personal trainer based in Reigate in Surrey and I have a few spots available right now for a couple of new personal training clients.

Call me on 0795 632 1634

Whether weight loss is your goal, or you just want to feel fit or you fancy running your first ever 5k, then I can design you a workout and eating plan to help you achieve your goals. I am a personal trainer based in Reigate, Surrey and the areas I work in include, Dorking, Putney, Kingston, Weybridge, Wimbeldon and surrounding areas.

I have over 20 years experience in the Health and Fitness Industry and alongside being a Personal trainer I have written Fitness books and Apps as well as DVDS. I have my own regular columns in National Magazines and recently worked on a series for Channel 4 providing tips on Fitness.

I am also the official Fitness Expert for Cancer Research’s annual “Race For Life”, and I prepare the training plans for these events, which have been attended by more than 6 million people since 1994.

Clients that I have worked with over the years have varied so much from their goals, lifestyles and abilities, but this is part of the role of a trainer that you tailor a workout to suit each client, and the motivation comes quickly as they start to see results. Once a client sees how easy it is to achieve the desired results then it is so easy to always maintain that healthier lifestyle.

Audrey Sandbank – My Testimonial:

I would like to recommend Lucy Wyndham Read as a consummately gifted personal trainer. She has been my trainer now for over ten years and has fired me with her enthusiasm and commitment. She makes the workouts practical, often adapting items in the home to replace gym equipment in an imaginative way. Lucy always leaves me with matchstick figures to clarify the exercises and which I can take with me if I want to continue working out when away from home. These exercises never become boring as Lucy will ring the changes to meet my particular need at the time, or simply to keep up my interest and enthusiasm, which she does most successfully. Lucy’s particular expertise is to fit the workout to the client and takes great care to do this in a safe manner being careful to explain exactly how and why the workout will suit my needs. Lucy does not neglect my overall health and recommends alterations to my diet to increase my health.
I consider myself to be extremely fortunate in having Lucy as my personal trainer, She has a rare gift in her ability to communicate her own commitment and enthusiasm to her clients.

 Jill Hendrikse (aged 45 and 6 months) – My Testimonial:

Lucy has trained and mentored me in my quest for fitness for the past 13 years. She has guided me through post pregnancy weightloss and toning after both my children. Motivated me in my quest for fitness, tone and suppleness. Encouraged me in good eating habits and generally made me want to be a better all round person. How you feel about your body is a big deal in most women’s lives. We all want to look good, but more importantly for me, I want to feel fit, strong, healthy and energetic and have enough stamina to get through a hectic life. I can certainly say Lucy has helped me achieve all of those things and encouraged me to do things I’d thought I would never do, the London to Brighton bike race for example, for the first time at the age of 40!

Some Examples Of Training I Can Offer You;

Home Boot Camp Style Class
Cross Fit
Tabata Workouts
High Intensity Training
Beginners Running Workouts
Power Walking
Home Toning Circuits
14 Day Intense Detox Weight Loss Programme
Post Natal Workouts
Healthy and Active Kids Sessions
Group Training
Bridal Boot Camp
Sculpting Workouts


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One to One Personal Training Pay  £65.00 hourly

Call me on 0795 632 1634