By Lucy Wyndham-Read

Here is how you can melt away those muffin tops for good.

These overhangs and bulges of fats can make us feel self-consciousand and with summer here this is all you need to melt away those pockets of fat that sit on our hips.

Firstly we need a 3-pronged approach focusing on some form of Cardio Exercise, as this is what will melt the fat. Secondly we need to look at sculpting and toning the underlying muscle. Thirdly our diet plays a huge part in making the fat disappear. So here is how you can LOSE YOUR MUFFIN TOP

Firstly: Cardio workout. The ideal one is walking and using small hand weights (or two small full bottles of water will do). This is a great exercise to melt fat. The secret is to walk at a fast enough pace that you get slightly out of breath. A good way of approaching this is by setting a stop-watch and heading off for a 10-minute walk, then exactly at the 10-minute point, turn around and head back – but see if you can do this in 9 and a half minutes or under. This way you are pushing yourself to train harder.  Aim to do these 3 times a week.

Secondly: After your Walk perform these two exercises.

Slim down those hips& tone my butt all in one!!

Sitting upright with your legs extended out in front of you, tummy muscles pulled in arms crossed at chest, height,Step forward on your right butt cheek, reaching with your extended right arm and leg. Step forward on your left butt cheek, reaching forward with your extended left arm and leg. Walk across the floor on your butt. Reverse direction and walk backward on your butt across the floor. Walk back and forth eight times.


Melt the Muffin Top

Lying face up on the floor, with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, place two water bottles an arm’s distance away from the line of your hips.

Now lift head and shoulders off the floor and hold for a second. Pull abs in tight. Then reach round with one hand to aim to touch the water bottle on the side. Hold then come back to the centre. Now reach round to the other side. Aim to do 20 of theses.


Thirdly: Diet

Simply focus on eating healthy choices: plenty of vegetables, lean meats, fish, pulses, fruit and grains. To quickly notice a difference, for 7 days look at reducing each portion by 10 percent. And finally keep drinking your water, aiming for your 8 glasses a day.

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