Make your Friday night Take-away a healthy one. Here are the Top 5 healthiest and low calorie take-aways, as well as the Top 5 you should avoid.

You can still enjoy Friday night, knowing you are picking the low calorie and low fat meals whether it is Indian, Chinese, Italian or simply fish & chips.


Order this and feel great: Main: Chicken Tikka with Plain Rice (This has no sauce, so is simply chicken cooked in a kebab style, super tasty and full of protein to keep you feeling full and satisfied. Don’t overdo the rice: often the portions provided can be big; follow the portion rule – a portion of rice should be the size of your palm.)

Avoid Ordering as this comes with extra calories: Main: Chicken Korma with Naan Bread (Korma dishes are laden with calories and fat, as most of the ingredients are cooked in cream, salt, sugar and nuts.) Top Tip: you can save your pennies and find a great alternative to a Naan bread in the form of simple small wholemeal tortilla wraps from the supermarket; they can be frozen, and can easily be thawed in time for your Friday night curry, and are super low in fat and calories but just as tasty.


is and feel great: Starter: Crab and Sweet Corn Soup (This is super tasty, and this would always be an A-lister’s choice to keep them full and without the bloat.)

Main: Steamed Vegetables with Plain Boiled Rice (Having the vegetables means this Chinese dish is full of vitamins and minerals, making it a super healthy choice.)

Avoid Ordering as this comes with extra calories: Starter:  Spring Rolls which are deep fried (Even though deep down they may be packed with vegetables, it is all the fat on the outsides that turns these good guys bad.)

Main: Sweet & Sour Pork Balls with Egg Fried Rice (Anything that is deep fried such as the egg fried rice is going to push the calorie content through the roof; it’s not the ingredients that are to blame, it is the way they are cooked. Avoid anything dropped into hot fat and fried as this is high in sodium, fat and is going to raise your cholesterol.)


Order this and feel great: Pizza: Thin Base Margherita (The key with a pizza is to keep it simple and keep it thin and small, so the Margherita with small thin crust is the perfect choice.)

Avoid Ordering as this comes with extra calories: Deep Crust Cheese with Pepperoni, (The deep thick crust is an overload of carbs which will leave you feeling bloated, and the extra cheese means this pizza is dripping with fat. And the pepperoni only adds more calories, fat and salt to the pizza.)

Fish & Chips

Order this and feel great:  Cod and Mushy peas (To make this a super healthy choice, simply eat the cod in the middle and do not eat the batter. Imagine the batter is the packaging and discard this, and just eat the cod. Have this alongside your mushy peas to make this the perfect guilt-free fish and chip take-away.)

Avoid Ordering as this comes with extra calories: Jumbo sausage in Batter with Chips (So many reasons to avoid this: fried, fat, oil, salt – enough said!!)


Order this and feel great:  Chicken Breast Kebab in a Wholemeal Pitta stuffed with Salad (Okay we may be pushing our luck to ask for a wholemeal pitta bread, but this choice is very healthy and low in fat. The key is to avoid adding any of the sauces.)

Avoid Ordering as this comes with extra calories: Doner Kebab with Chips (This spinning meat is very high in fat, and is stuffed into a pitta with sauces that are high in fat, sugar, and salt, and the chips just add insult to injury.)