© by Lucy Wyndham-Read

With summer here it is time to strip off those jumpers and reveal our arms!! Arms can often get neglected, and those dreaded bingo wings can knock our confidence for our summer wardrobe. But fear not, I have put together for you a daily mini routine that will tone your arms. And these specially designed exercises won’t bulk up your arms, but what they will do is to define and lengthen them, giving you a more svelte new shape in your summer sleeveless tops, so you will want to leave your pashminas and cardies at home.

All you need is a bottle of water. Before starting you should always ensure your muscles are warm, so simply do some shoulder rotations, both forwards and backwards.


Exercise 1: Banish the Bingo Wings

Stand in a split stance with knees slightly bent, keeping your tummy muscles pulled in. Holding your full water bottle, take the arms behind, with your palms facing the ceiling. Now hold and do tiny pulses. Aim to do between 50 and 80.






Exercise 2: Show off your Shoulders

Stand with your feet hip width distance apart, and your knees slightly bent, keeping tummy muscles pulled in. Extend both arms out straight to your sides at shoulder height keeping your fingers pointed. Starting slowly, make small circular motions with both arms clockwise for 50 counts, and then repeat anticlockwise for another 50.






Exercise 3: The Ultimate Arm Shaper

Stand with your feet hip width distance apart, knees soft and your tummy muscles pulled in. Holding onto your bottle of water, extend both arms out in front aiming to keeping at chest height. Now slowly bend through the elbows, aiming to bring the water bottle close to you. Hold for a second, then slowly return back to the start position.  Aim to do this 20 to 30 times.

Details on my “Waist and Arm Toner 4 Minute workout ” Audio Track workout as featured in Marie Claire magazine https://www.lwrfitness.com/albums/