Look Gorgeous in your Skinny Jeans with these Brazilian Bottom Lifts and Thigh Toning Exercises

//Look Gorgeous in your Skinny Jeans with these Brazilian Bottom Lifts and Thigh Toning Exercises

Look Gorgeous in your Skinny Jeans with these Brazilian Bottom Lifts and Thigh Toning Exercises

© by Lucy Wyndham-Read

Whether you want to get back into your favourite jeans after a few over-indulgent days, or you are wanting to wear skinny jeans for the first time, this workout will give you the shape, lift, and confidence to do so. Masterfully blasting your lower body from every angle, it sculpts not only your hips, thighs, and butt, but also abs and waist, so that you can do that zip up and feel super fabulous, and ready to strut your stuff in those skinny jeans.

Exercise 1: Slim Those Thighs

Stand with feet hip-width distance apart, and place your hands on your hips. Now lift one leg out to the side, hold for a second, then return to a squat. Then lift opposite leg.  Keep alternating legs. Aim to do this 30 times.

WHY YOU WILL  LOVE THIS: This helps slim down your thighs and gives your bottom a lift at the same time,plus works your core muscles.


Exercise 2: The Ultimate Brazilian Bottom Lift

Start in a lunge position with hands on your hips. Now push back from your front foot and come into a deep squat, and extend arms straight out in front. Hold for a second, now lunge back to start position on opposite leg this time, taking hands back to hips. Keep alternating. Aim to do this 20 times.

WHY YOU WILL LOVE THIS: Simply because this works your thighs, hip, and butt and is a big calorie burner, as you are using your biggest muscle groups.


Exercise 3: The Firm

Sit with your arms crossed and legs extended straight out in front of you. Now walk yourself along the floor by shuffling, extending one leg further forwards then the other. Keep tummy muscles pulled in tight. Do 6 shuffles forwards, then 6 back. Do this 4 times.

WHY YOU WILL  LOVE THIS: This super simple exercise will lift and tone your bottom, and you can feels this beginning to work instantly.

Exercise 4:Lose An Inch Lift

Place a water bottle in front of you, several inches away and in line with your hip. Lying on your side, in a straight line, with your hand supporting  your head, tummy pulled in, slowly kick the top leg as far in front as you can, aiming to reach the water bottle. Now hold this here for a couple of seconds, then slowly bring your leg back to the centre. Repeat this 20 times on one leg, then change sides to work the other leg.

WHY YOU WILL  LOVE THIS:  This works through a big range of movement, giving you that pert and peachy rounded bottom, so that is a good enough reason to love this one!!

To get amazing results combine this with some form of cardio workout also 3 times a week. This could be something like my 4-minute fat-burning routine called the  “ LWR Fast Fat Burning Method” http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/lwr-fast-fat-burning-method/id425159901

This will help melt away fat and will keep you fit, alternatively you could swap this for power Walking. Then you do the above routine 3 times a week to sculpt, shape and lift, so you feel super sleek in your skinny jeans.

Remeber to always warm up and stretch afterwards.


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