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Need to blast some calories, boost your energy and sculpt your body? Then all you need is a set of stairs. This easy to follow stair sculpting aerobic workout will leave you feeling more energetic, will burn calories and tone all over. So turn your home staircase into your own gym and get a fabulous lower body toning session. Aim to do this simple  routine 3 times a week. Plus to get even more out of it and burn fat fast combine it with Lucy’s 4 Minutes Workouts. Where she coaches you with her Audio Workouts.

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To get the most out of this routine focus on good technique by ensuring your posture is good, with back upright and shoulders relaxed. Lift your knees as you go up the stairs and stay on the balls of your feet, and keep the whole movement rhythmical. Always ensure your foot is fully placed on the stair.

For the Thigh Shaper, simply stand side on to the bottom stair, keeping one foot firmly on the ground and the other on the first step. Both feet should be facing forwards and at shoulder width distance apart. Place your hands on your hips, slowly bend through your knees, and stick your bottom out as if you are about to sit on a chair, hold for a second then push back up.

For the  Bust Push Up, stand by the base of the stairs, then lean. Place your hands on the fourth stair, hands shoulder width apart. Get into a push-up position, keeping your legs straight and tummy pulled in. Slowly lower your body towards stairs, hold for a second, then slowly push back up.

Time     Exercises

0-2         Warm up by walking up and down stairs

2-4          Walk briskly up stairs, bringing your arms over your head and back down

4-5          Run up and down stairs

5-6          Now march up, taking two stairs at a time; step normally on the way down

6-8          Thigh Shaper, one minute on each leg

8-9          Now march up, taking two stairs at a time; step normally on the way down

9-10        Run up and down  stairs

10-11       Bust Push Up

11- 12      Cool down by walking up and down stairs.

This can burn approximately 160 Calories.


TOP TIP:  When you are using stairs, make it a habit to always take two at a time. The benefit of this is that you have to work on a fuller ROM (Range of movement) and this burns more calories. So double up on your stairs and double your calorie burn!!!

For another Stair Workout check out my You Tube Video