Anyone for Tennis! -Serves up a great full body workout

//Anyone for Tennis! -Serves up a great full body workout

Anyone for Tennis! -Serves up a great full body workout

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With Wimbledon in full swing, now is a great time to get inspired by this popular sport, so grab your racket and head off to a new fitness workout called Cardio Tennis. If you want to get legs like Sharapova, abs like Venus, and buns of steel like Serena, this workout  is perfect for you!

The reason why tennis is a  great way to get in super shape is that you can burn up to 700 calories per hour playing tennis, as you do a combination of intervals of sprints, with fast runs to the net, and then a mixture of endurance exercise for those longer sets. Many of the movements in tennis also are similar to toning exercises, such as lunges forwards, which are great for toning those legs, and the deep squats, which are great for toning and sculpting your bottom. Then let’s not forget how much you use your arms to serve and return, which can help shape up those bingo wings.

Tennis is all about being able to react quickly, and requires you to move forwards and sideways, and make rotational moves, and this is what makes this sport one of the best for that total body sculpting, as you engage every plane of movement, whereas other activities  such as walking, swimming, cycling, running and rowing, although still all good, will primarily use your body in just a forwards movement. But with tennis you are running forwards and backwards, shuffling sideways, jumping, and basically doing anything to  smash that ball over the net.

The other  great benefit from tennis is that you are constantly working your abdominals as you engage your core when you hit the ball. In using your racquet you naturally have to activate your deepest abdominal muscles , so without a sit-up in sight you are still toning those abs .

This is why Cardio Tennis has now become so popular, and the great thing with it is that it caters for all, even complete beginners, and it is all about fun. For more details on Cardio Tennis visit



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