(How personal trainers push themselves to work out even when they don’t want to!!)

 by Lucy Wyndham-Read

We all know that the main purpose of a Personal Trainer is to motivate, encourage and support you to ensure you reach and maintain your goals. So as personal trainers it is important that we also apply this to ourselves, in order that we can teach this to our clients. So how do I push myself to the maximum and how do I motivate myself at times when all I want to do is snuggle up on the sofa and indulge in my favourite magazines whilst sipping away at my latte? (Which every so often I do allow myself to do, but only after a workout!!!)

Here is how I become my own LWR FITNESS PERSONAL TRAINER.


The first thing for me is that I always have to train and work out with music. This does several things. Firstly it gets me in the mood!! If I want to do a fast hard session, then the music needs to be upbeat and fast; this then instantly instils energy and the thought of sitting doing nothing is not where I want to be. The fast beats will make me want to train to the music. So my top tip here is always have your music to hand. Charge your ipod or mp3 player every night so it is ready and willing whenever you are.

And I have created a library of different fitness playlists. I have ones titled:-

15 Minute  Intense Cardio Workout  (3 songs)

5 K Run  (6 songs)  This works well as I can pace myself through each track. Track 1 is my slower pace, to start off, then come track 6, I am near the end of my run, so this is a faster tune.

You can be as adventurous as you want, and you can call your playlists whatever is going to motivate you the most;  for instance it could be: My Bikini Workout, Lose Those Last Stubborn Pounds, or Lose That Muffin Top!!

The other great use of your iPod is to download a podcast. I do this if I am planning on doing a longer session, maybe a 10k walk. I use this time to listen to the latest fitness and nutrition podcast, which I have downloaded in advance, so I can kill two birds with one stone, keeping fit and educating myself while working out.

My tip to you: Find 5 top tunes that really motivate you, and also find a podcast – which could be learning a new language, or even a story (something for those slower-paced workouts which are ideal for walking to).



Even I sometimes say “I have not got time today”. I may have deadlines for writing features, errands that have to be done, and projects that are urgent to finish!! Yet I can break this down, and say the most important thing above all is my health, and actually it will take just 10 minutes to make a real difference. So the minute I start thinking “when can I squeeze it in” is the time that I just grab the iPod and put on my trainers and get working out straight away. It may be just something as simple as exercises in the front room, for instance a mix of star jumps, squats, burpees, and jumping lunges, and hey presto, once I have done it I feel amazing, and I normally find that I am more productive at what I am about to embark on and find that I do it quicker, so in the end I actually have more free time.

My tip for you: Have a quick workout of your own choosing that is ideal for you. It could be something as simple as just doing a 10 minute walk around the block, or doing a quick little circuit workout of your own design in your front room.


Many (and I mean many) years ago I decided to go off and join the Army. My family were all very shocked at this decision, as my Mum is an artist and my Dad a well-known folk-singer, so quite a bohemian family background, and not your typical military family. But nevertheless off I went, and for me one of the biggest appeals was the degree of challenge, in more ways than one, as I had never been good at sports and had always lacked confidence, and I knew that this would combat (excuse the pun) all these issues, and would be a great springboard to becoming a fitter and more confident adult.

Within basic training you are doing fitness sessions all the time, and they don’t take no for an answer. You can’t say “Excuse me, Sergeant, I can’t do this workout”. This provided me with my revelation, as I realised that when you put in the effort and don’t back down, you can simply do anything. And this is where my passion for fitness grew. I spent five years within the army. You had your own duty, and after your basic training you continued to keep fitness levels to a high standard, and in those days the army would perform random Basic Fitness tests. These involved running 1.5 miles in under 13 minutes, performing 22 press-ups in under 2 minutes, and doing 50 full sit-ups in 2 minutes. Failure to pass this would be deemed down to you, and could result in punishments such as having to do an hour’s drill at 5 am the following morning!!

So this is where I learnt how to keep myself fit. I would always keep on track with my training, and would have a monthly goal, which was to have always completed 4 training sessions a week. This worked, and I always passed my Basic Fitness test with flying colours – though I still ended up doing the drill at 5 am. (But that is a completely different story!!!)

So my tip to you in this connection is: set a goal,  and why not create your own Basic Fitness test. This could be as simple as: power walk 1 mile as fast as you can, then time yourself to do 10 burpees, 10 press-ups and 10 sit-ups, and make a note of the time, and re-do this every month aiming to complete it faster!!!


To see results, you constantly have to challenge yourself. I do this by applying short intervals of training really hard. This way I know that, as I am just doing it for 20 seconds, I can put in 100%,  knowing I will then have a 10-second reduced-intensity rest period, before I push myself back up to a high intensity. This is something I do every day. It is a 4-Minute LWR fast fat-burning workout that I created, and even if I am out for a run I insert this at least once into my routine. The great thing with interval training is that you feel amazing afterwards, knowing you have trained hard.

So my tip to you: Always add intervals, and this can be applied to any form of exercise, whether walking, swimming, cycling, or toning. Just add 20 seconds, or just count 20 times (and always count backwards as this makes you feel you’re reaching your goal quicker).

The LWR Fast fat Burning method available on Itunes http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/lwr-fast-fat-burning-method/id425159901


IMG_4630Anyone who knows me knows that I love fashion and glamour, and when I am not working it is guaranteed you will either find me in Space Nk (this is the shop to find the best make-up and beauty products ever) or Harvey Nick’s, daydreaming away at all the latest lustful collections.


But for me the best way to look and feel amazing is to keep on track of your fitness and focus on sticking to a healthy diet, as nothing feels better than slipping into your favourite outfits with a toned body. Sometimes if we don’t feel great, we rush off to the shops in search of retail therapy. But instead, give yourself 3 days of training hard and eating well, and then all of a sudden you’ll start to love your wardrobe again, as everything fits and looks better when you have worked out.

So my top tip to you: keep putting on your favourite outfit as an incentive. You know that if you commit to your workouts, then you will feel great inside your favourite fashion garment


new portionxOkay girls, when it comes to size, and I am talking portions here, this makes a massive impact. I always harp on about this in my apps and books, but nowadays portions are double the size they used to be, hence the reason that obesity is double the issue. So when I eat out, I always go for a starter size, and at home I always apply the right size portion rule for the right size food groups. Once you do this, then it is so easy to manage your weight. (But with the exception of my weakness which is chocolate and Rose – so once it a blue moon I do go large!!)

So this my top tip to you: on my blog on Portions or Food groups you can find a simple, easy-to-follow guide for the sizings of each food group:

So this is how I keep myself fit, as even trainers can have off days. We all have the occasional day on which things are more of a challenge than on others, so this is why I engage all the above to be sure to change that feeling from “I can’t” to “I want to do it right now!!”