Leg Toning WorkoutThe Sexy Legs 10 Minute Boot Camp Workout

   © by Lucy Wyndham-Read

Your lower body is the easiest and quickest place to tone, sculpt and burn calories. You have over 200 muscles below the belt, including the largest muscle in your body — your gluteus maximus. So this is your very own Sexy Leg Home Boot Camp. This specially designed workout will get you long, lean, sexy legs in no time. You need no equipment, and this can be simply done, either indoors or outdoors. The routine is designed to target your leg muscles through the different planes of movement, which are forwards, backwards and sideways. The result of this is that it draws in your muscles and gives you amazing sculpted & toned legs, as well as helping your body to burn more calories daily. If you want more of a full body workout and to Drop a Dress Size in just 14 days click here to find out more



 Aim to do this routine 3 times a week and always combine it with a healthy eating plan. Always spend 2 minutes warming up; you can do this by simply marching on the spot. So now you have the plan, it is all about the motivation to commit to doing this, so I suggest you find some really upbeat bits of music that will make you instantly want to work out, and have these as your official soundtrack playlist for your Sexy Leg Boot Camp Workout.

How to do it? Your boot camp consists of 6 different exercises.

Marching and Jogging, simply do this on the spot and maintain good posture.

Star jumps: jump upwards and outwards, opening your legs wide and moving your arms out, creating a star shape while in the air.

Jump from side to side: come into a squat position and place a pillow by the side of your right foot; now aim to jump over the pillow and land back into your squat position. Now keep jumping back across.

Alternating Lunges: simply start standing with feet hip-width distance apart, feet pointing forwards and hands on your hip. Take a large step forward with either leg. Keep your upper body straight, and then push through the heel in front to bring yourself back. Then lead with the other leg.

Knee Lifts: start with feet hip-width distance apart, keep abdominals pulled in tight, and lift one knee to hip height. Hold for a second, then slowly lower. Then lift opposite leg.

10 minute leg toning workout