So I was doing my research on obesity, and are you ready for this? A shocking figure of 2.1 Billion (yes billion) of the world’s population are now considered to be overweight or obese!

This is becoming more common and getting to be a bigger problem worldwide, and we seriously need to be doing something about this!

Now weight loss/losing weight is one of the most searched for phrases on the internet – but what is more scary is the search for weight loss tablets or green tea for weight loss. People need to understand that these will never solve the problem, as it is all down to the lifestyle. But those companies making gimmicks for weight loss won’t care if you don’t lose the lbs, as they will be making the £s.

So it’s time now to get smart. The only way to successfully lose weight is to eat clean, eat the right size portions, believe in yourself, and move more. Fact: those 4 things will work.

For years and years as a trainer I have been pulling my hair out with utter frustration, as I can see how so many people suffer with weight issues and then find it just spirals out of control, with the knock-on effect that motivation and self-belief take a nose-dive.

And I see diet companies making billions with crazy diets, and the media doing weight loss programs with a model showing off a six-pack, and then the most unrealistic workouts, that are never going to be suitable for someone who is obese.

I feel desperately sorry for people that are being misinformed, and now with the advantage of being online I am excited that I can reach out with an honest message of how for once we can actually address obesity.

We don’t need to go down the road of weight loss surgery, gastric bands, & so on, as it is simply about teaching the basics, and step-by-step adjusting the lifestyle patterns.

It doesn’t help to give people an intense workout programme that is too uncomfortable if you carry extra weight. The other day I saw a supposed celebrity trainer on a tv show training some women who were all plus sized, and after posing there with his top off for the camera, he got them coming down on to the floor to do really insanely hard exercises! After shaking my head with despair I analysed this, and to me this was all about the trainer showing off, and really not caring about these ladies. And as a result of this they will likely be put off for life after attempting such a ridiculous choice of exercise.

Instead of posing like that, he would have done better to wear a t-shirt to make them feel comfortable, and then go for a walk with them and educate them, by means of a doable workout. But that wasn’t the case, and I imagine that his mission was probably less about helping them and more about how many more followers he could get on social media.

I don’t normally rant, but this gets to me every time, because it is the people struggling with weight issues that we need to help, and yes I am now talking about that 2.1 billion worldwide.

So here is my way that I would go about addressing this epidemic.

First things first, we have to be positive about this and realize that we can address it, as a positive mind gets results and a negative one tells us we can’t, so that we give up before we have even started!

It is not about a quick fix with a drastic diet. It is about learning how to make healthy nutritious food choices, and a big factor too is learning about getting the portion sizes right.

Then whether you call it exercise, fitness, or just healthy activity, simply moving about more is too overlooked when it comes to weight loss. As a trainer, if someone is obese I would not suggest they do any exercises which are going to make them and their joints feel uncomfortable. The perfect choice for getting started is with home indoor walking workouts.

These are low-impact and great calorie burns, and better still are DOABLE – yes, this is the magic word and I will say it again DOABLE. So start off doing these, which are quick and can be done in just 15 minutes. Doing this will guarantee weight loss, and each walk that people do, the fitter they get, and as the weight starts coming off, it becomes a positive spiral. And finally it becomes a lifestyle.

So the way to tackle this for the 2.1 billion is not to go down the failing road of gimmicks (pills, drastic diets, or surgery), but instead just add a little determination, and a lot of education, along with more movement and the right size portions. Then we can start to tackle obesity.

I have specially created this Plus Size 4-week plan, and the proof of it is in the pudding, as this gets the results. And as a trainer with over 25 years’ experience, helping tens of thousands of people lose weight, believe me I know what works, and the first thing is to make them feel good from the start.