Tips to make running easier

//Tips to make running easier

Tips to make running easier


1: Be a minute girl instead of a mile girl, build up your training in minutes rather than trying to run miles.

2: Do invest in a good pair of trainers.

3: Start with intervals off walking and slowly build up to running.

4: Have a plan, schedule your training, and set a goal race, beginners should aim to do a 5k in 6 weeks.

5: Relax your hands and imagine your cupping a butterfly , as that takes less energy and stops any neck stress or tension.

6: Apply the two R’s – always relax when you are running and find your comfortable rhythm. When you’re running, make sure you keep doing a check and think, rhythm, relax, rhythm, relax.

7: Keep fully hydrated as this gives you more energy and helps make running feel easier.

8: Talk the “talk test” means running at a pace comfortable enough to have a light conversation, if you are running to hard and cant talk then this is to hard, equally if you can sing at the top of your voice you need need to speed up a little.

9: When running, make your you relax your jaw, and don’t bunch up your shoulders and occasionally shake out your hands and arms to stay relaxed.

10: Double-knot your shot laces, as you don’t want to be stopping and starting them if they become loose.

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