Positive words can make such an impact and can give us instantly the drive and the desire to achieve our dreams and goals. A powerful upbeat sentence can be an instant dose of self-belief and confidence.
What we hear and what we read can become what we believe inside, and if every day you see a powerful quote and repeat it to yourself, you then start applying the necessary actions to make your dreams come true.
And this is in every aspect of our life, whether it’s our health journey, fitness, weight loss, relationships, running a business, running a family – whatever it is, we need to be kind to our mind and feed it with positive and encouraging thoughts.

So this is why for 2020 I wanted to create my online interactive calendar that gives you 12 inspiring quotes that will get you excited and on the right track to make this the year that you say: ‘Yes I Can do anything I put my mind to’.

For me personally, on my own journey, when I found times hard I would often take a moment to read through motivating quotes and they would always give me the boost I needed, and this simply is the power of words. Never forget that you become what you think and say, so always say: ‘YES I CAN’. Lucy xx