Through this challenging time that the whole world is going through, I felt it would be important to appreciate that we are all going to experience so many different emotions and that we are on a “roller coaster ride” of feelings. As your online trainer, I wanted to be able to suggest ways to help with your current emotion which ever one of the 9 faces you may be. Please stay at home and remember by staying  at home you are helping to saves lives. We are all in this together. Lucy xx


If you are getting stressed and feel like pulling your hair out with worry, or simply the fact you are stuck indoors, a good way to disperse any stress and anxiety is to do a short workout. This is a great way to induce the natural feel good happy hormones such as dopamine, oestrogen and serotonin.  With the bonus that exercise also helps to reduce the stress hormone known as cortisol.  So try this workout here when you are feeling stressed and anxious. Click on the play button.


Get creative and make the most of the time we have as this is a rare thing in our lifetime that we have time on our hands. Normally we are always rushing from here to there. So explore your creative side and maybe you could start drawing, write a story, learn to bake, or if you are lucky enough to have a garden then get some fresh air and discover your green fingers. There are so many ways we can keep occupied and also by doing this we then help prevent those other faces creeping in such as A, E and F.


Being and feeling lonely at a time like this can be very tough. Now more than ever, we need to still connect with others even though we cant be with each other. No matter where you are in the world right now, if you have the internet then you never need feel lonely. If you want a conversation, if you want a friend , if you want just to feel part of somebody else's life then please come and join our Facebook Group as we are all here to hold each others hands through this challenging time. The love and support will help you overcome the lonely face of isolation we can all feel. Click on the Facebook Icon to join our group.


As we experience this rollercoaster of emotions, we will also possibly have the burst of feeling positive. So for this, really embarace how you feel and bottle that feeling. What is a great idea is to write down a positive quote, something that personally makes you feel good right now and stick this somewhere in the house so when you have a day or a moment of struggling, go to that space and read out loud your positive thoughts and quote from that moment.


It is so easy when we are having to stay at home to have a lack of energy, this can then leads us sitting around more and the less active we become the less energy we have – this becomes a vicious circle as then the more lethargic we feel. So the key is to reverse this and do some sort of movement, but when you don’t feel like it it can be impossible to get the desire to do a workout. This is why I came up with the perfect solution – my 5 Minute Energy Booster – the great thing with this is it is not like a traditional workout, just these light movements will help increase your blood flow and energy levels. Best of all, you don’t even need to put on fitness clothes you can do this in your jeans or even your pyjamas. Click on the play button to do the workout.


Overthinking can be very self destructive and realistically a totally pointless exercise, as the truth is, we have no idea what the future holds, so trying to figure it out really is mission impossible. So instead, swap over-thinking, for living in the moment. Try and focus on what you can do today and just plan for tomorrow. Keep your mind busy, instead of worrying about something you cannot control. So swap over thinking for mindfulness and if you do find that hard then distract yourself with a nice light workout and get your body exercising as this will help you feel more positive. Click here for a lovely Indoor Virtual walk in France with me now.


Being grateful is such a gift in itself, and now, more than ever, people are realising how important this is. Be grateful for the things that really matter in life, like our loved ones, our amazing Dr's and Nurses working for the NHS and other frontliners saving us all right now, like the birds, like the flowers, the list goes on. And when you are feeling grateful why not write it down and send this or post it on social media to show someone just how grateful you are.


This is totally normally – how can we not be sad right now at this desperate time. It is also so important that if we want to cry we allow ourselves to. We should not bottle up this emotion and just remember you are not alone, the world is with you and we have to find the inner strength to carry on. On a day like this it is an idea that after you have released these emotions why not lose yourself into a magical films or a lovely book. Go for some truly inspirational  film (my recommendation would be “Eddie the Eagle ” or even a fairy tale). But remember this feeling is normal just like all the other 8 feelings we will experience through this period, And you know you can always come and talk to someone in our Facebook group. So please do not feel sad on your own. Click on the Facebook icon to join our group.


There is no denying that this is a very confusing time in our lives and one that we never expected. If it were a film or a book we would think this is so over the top, so feeling confused is to be expected. The key thing is now we just focus on ourselves and use this confusing time while we are all staying safe at home to learn about how we can improve on our own health and wellbeing. So learn now and make it part of your daily life to do free home fitness, learn about how to cook from scratch and make healthy meals, so processed foods are now a thing of the past. Learn a new skill whatever it is as this confused state the world is in will pass, so we want to be ready when it goes back to normal that we step out of the front door aiming to be the best versions of ourselves, teaching this along the way to our loved ones and friends. Click to join my YouTube Channel for free home fitness for evermore.


Love Lucy xx