Super easy snack which taste delicious!

It’s super tasty too!


I banana

A few squares of  70-85% dark chocolate

Handful of milled seeds (or you could use any seeds or crushed nuts, or even desciated coconut)

Simply melt some 70-85% dark chocolate (dark chocolate is full of minerals and antioxidants and has considerably more health benefits than milk chocolate!) and dip sliced bananas into the chocolate🍌and place on baking paper!

Sprinkle over some seeds or leave as they are! I used milled seeds and 70% dark chocolate for this recipe! 🍫

No, its not the healthiest of all snacks, but the banana, chocolate and seeds provide so many health benefits!✨It’s sure tasty too!🤩

Give this snack a go if you’re feeling peckish, or what to calm those chocolate cravings without feeling guilty!💖