Take on my 10000 Steps at Home Walking Challenge. This is completely free and consists of 4 Indoor Walking Workouts. The first is 1000 steps, then the next workout consists of 2000 steps, then you have 3000 steps and finally 4000 steps, and add these all together and that is a total of 10 thousand steps. So you could do this simply one after the other to spread the workouts through the day.

This is all free and click here for the Playlist 

Make sure you are in comfortable workout gear, I would recommend even though you are doing this at home still wear your trainers and for the ladies even though this is a low impact workout I would still recommend wearing a sports bra with your workout gear.

Have a glass of water to hand, make sure you have a good internet connection as you will need to be online to view my virtual walks.Make the most of the breaks in between the videos to have some water, they will automatically lead straight on to the next walking video.

So it really is that simple, all you need to do when you are ready to take on this challenge is hit the play button below.