Always change your workouts after 7 days.


Aim to do 3 quick toning sessions a week as this increases the active muscle tissue that speeds up your metabolism.


Take two stairs at a time and avoid using a handrail, you use more muscles and engage your core tummy muscles.


Do 4 minute HIIT workouts to melt off belly fat.


First thing in the morning do 30 star jumps or 2 minutes marching on the spot, to speed up your calorie burn.


Jump off the couch when the TV adverts come on and march on the spot this can burn off approximately 30 calories in 3 minutes.


Don’t just stand there! Do calf raises while brushing your teeth,


When you are on the phone, stand up and walk around instead of just sitting.


Watching TV come down onto the floor and do some ab crunches.


Pull your tummy in and hold for 10 seconds, do this 10 times and do it twice every day, helps tone your abs and makes your core stronger and burns a few more calories.


Follow the 80 – 20 rule , which means eating healthy foods 80 percent of the time, and indulge in a little bit of what you fancy 20% of the time.


Keep a food diary for 5 days and be honest with everything, this will highlight what you need to change and make you think twice.


Get some sticky notes and put on your fridge and write some quotes on being healthy, will make you think twice on your food choices before you open the fridge.


Once a week, measure your waist, this is the best way to keep an eye on your weight and weight loss, far better than stepping on weighing scales.


When sugary cravings strike, do some self-pampering like, have a bath, paint your nails or a face pack.


Be in bed by 10:30pm as getting your 7-8 hours will help stop you feeling tired the next day which then can make you miss workouts and cause extra snacking.


Swap the baggy tracksuit and oversized jumper, as these comfy clothes can encourage being lazy, whereas fitted clothes re enforce being active and help encourage better posture.


Cut up a load of vegetables and have them in a tupperware box in the fridge ready to grab when you need a snack.


Best tip of all don’t buy junk food or sugary snacks, as simple as that.


When waiting for the kettle to boil march or jog on the spot.


Keep your fiber topped up by always eating the whole meal versions, in other words, go for brown bread, instead of white bread, go for whole meal pasta instead of white pasta, brown rice instead of white rice.

Add some oats to a smoothie to keep you fuller for longer.

Be sure to always have your breakfast, as this instantly speeds up your calorie burn.


Put protein on your plate for both breakfast and lunch as is suppresses ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates your appetite.


Fiber is your friend as it will help to prevent bloating from constipation.


Get your carbs right, and limit the bad carbs, like cakes, muffins and bagels, instead go for pitta breads, oatcakes and sweet potatoes.

Always order small, this will cut the calorie consumption as large will always be triple the amount of calories.


Don’t grab a croissant and coffee on the run, as this super high in fat and calories, instead go for a banana and green tea.

Make your own pancakes with just 2 ingredients, watch this video here.

The great  grapefruit is perfect to add to breakfast instead of a juice drink, and what makes it great is this fruit aids in weight loss,

Don’t obsess over counting calories but be aware of how many are in the foods you eat

Plan your meals in advance, and use Sunday evenings as time to look online to find healthy recipe’s and order online your ingredients.

Adds some seeds to your soups and salads, to increase the fibrer and protein and make the meal feel more satisfying.

Get rid of fizzy sodas and stop drinking huge amounts of calories, and instead go for fizzy water and add in chopped fruit.


Resize your dinner plates, and go for a side plate as your main plate.

Have a complete sugar free day at least 3 days a week.

Have a glass of water with every meal.

Keep snacks to 100 calories or fewer.

Go for foods with higher based water content, such as cucumber, celery, melon and tomatoes, as these will help fill you up and prevent bloating.

When a sugary cravings get the better of you, go for dark chocolate.

Make your own low calorie and low fat ice cream by using frozen bananas with a little cocoa powder and honey.

Make pasta using vegetables  like carrots or courgettes  instead of   traditional pasta spaghetti.

Don’t dial a pizza instead make your own, by using a whole meal tortilla under the grill with a little low fat cheese and roasted cherry tomatoes.

Move every 20 minutes give yourself a reminder on your computer or phone to encourage yourself to get up and walk around, as this helps keep your metabolism high.

Be smart when it comes to your cereals, as often these can have more sugar in them than sweets.

Be a fidget, the more you move simply the more calories your body burns.

Add some ice to a glass of water as this helps you burn a few more calories.

Add some fast bursts of walking to your walks, just for 20 seconds walk faster then come back to a normally walking pace, keep alternating, not only will you arrive quicker but you will melt off more calories.


Go for a black coffee instead of a white one, as skipping on the milk, helps reduce the calories.




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