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It is a lifestyle, not a pitstop. Lucy xx

Here are just some before and after pictures sent to me and you will also see more of these on all my social media sites . This just proves we can all get fit and in shape with my easy to follow workout plans.  The reason my clients get results are as it is about a “Lifestyle” and as a trainer it is about teaching my clients and showing them programmes they can realistically stick to. Because doing an intense hard workout and strict diet is not going to cut it! The reason being it is hard and next to impossible to maintain  and then we stop and go back to normal. My way  is to keep my workouts short (but they still burn more calories than a workout 30 minutes longer) and the nutrition has to be tasty, easy to make. Then let’s not forget the most important of all mindset , which I always cover in depth. So if you think that you can do 10 minutes workouts 4-5 times a week, and that you can still have lovely food, and can do this for life then here you go, see what you can achieve just like all the others from #Lucyssquad Lucy xx

Your picture can be here soon too.

Lucy xx