Okay so you may have a low score – but in a way that is exciting, because I can now break down what you need to be doing, and suggest some changes you need to make to say goodbye to that annoying belly fat.

First of all you need to look at getting smarter with your food choices, tidying these up will dramatically and very quickly make a difference to your weight.

Focus on going for smaller portion sizes. Reducing your portion size by a quarter each day will really help.

Look at having healthier food choices. Reduce the amount of processed food, and definitely get smart on how much sugar you are consuming, and look at cutting back, because sugar loves sitting on our tummies.

Ditch the fizzy soda drinks as these cause havoc on the waistline, and swap for water. The benefit of having water is that it is going to boost your energy and improve your health. Plus your body needs water to effectively burn off body fat.

Good quality sleep can make a significant difference and poor sleep can play a big part of gaining and not letting go of abdominal fat, and the reason is that lack of sleep causes our leptin levels to drop and ghrelin levels to rise — and this increases our appetite during the hours where we are awake, meaning we tend to eat more, but feel less satisfied.

Another good thing we can do is cut back on the takeaways (plus this will save you money), and get creative in the kitchen, start learning to cook some healthy recipes. There are so many ways to make healthy food taste delicious. If you want some ideas, then this Healthy Eating Book of mine is stacked with them. For your alcohol intake, why not try having several days where you say no to that glass of wine or gin and tonic, and instead go for a nice herbal tea, or a fizzy water with lime and cucumber.

Right, now let’s talk about activity/exercise.

This is key, and the great news is that even starting from being sedentary, if you now start moving more, you are so quickly going to start seeing results.

Just look at doing 10-minute walks in the morning, lunchtime and later in the day, this will speed up your body’s ability to burn fat, also adding in exercise to your day is going to help reduce your stress levels.

Then also look at doing short Home HIIT workouts. You can try my 7 Minute Lose Belly Fat (which is now the most liked workout video ever on YouTube, with over 35 million downloads). If you do this alongside all the other suggestions, you will lose belly fat – FACT.