So your score shows you are making some good choices, and by just tweaking them slightly you will make a big difference and you will be able to reduce, and in due course, get rid of belly fat.

Let’s start with nutrition. Try to perhaps plan ahead with your meals and lunches. When you are making your healthy meals, why not make a bigger batch, freeze the rest, and you then have healthy choices when you are in a hurry.

Sugar is everywhere so do really analyze anything you eat or drink, and if the sugar content is higher than 6 grams per 100, just be aware that this will be guilty of causing and keeping belly fat.

The fact that you are being active is great, and what we want to do now is keep it consistent, as consistency is key.

Try and push your step count up to around 8-10 thousand a day, this will be amazing.

Other areas to look at are reducing your alcohol intake and upping your water intake.

And you could also follow along to my Free 7 Day Lose Belly Fat Workout  Video on YouTube