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19Jan, 2015

10 tips for a healthier lifestyle

By | January 19th, 2015|

Tip 1: WALK IT

Walking is in my top 3 favourite exercises, and you should never underestimate how powerful walking is. This natural low-impact exercise helps to keep your heart strong. Try this in your lunch hour: just grab your coat and head out and walk as far as you can for 10 minutes, then turn around and walk back. Hey presto, that is 20 minutes, and you still have 40 minutes left to enjoy your lunch.


So many foods are already full of salt, and too much salt in your diet is bad for your heart, and can increase your blood pressure. So swap salt for herbs and spices. This way you can still sprinkle on flavour to your food. One seasoning that I like to use myself is dried coriander with pink peppercorns and a little drizzle of lime.


Every 20 minutes be active, especially if you are seated at a desk, as sitting for long periods slows your metabolic rate down, so you end up storing more calories. So if you can every 20 minutes take a quick break from sitting down, even if you just go and get a glass of water as this helps keep your metabolic rate raised. 


Smoothies are a great way to ensure you are getting your vitamins, so try this one of mine: the “Love Your Heart Smoothie”.

Ingredients:-1 carrot, 1 pear, 2 small cooked beetroots.

Thoroughly wash  ingredients and then simply throw them whole into your juicer. Once juiced then drink This is super rich in Vitamin C, and the beetroot is great for your heart.


Each month set out your weekly fitness goals, which could be as simple as walking 20 minutes every day. Then at the end of the month, if you have achieved this, buy yourself a healthy gift .



Fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fats which can help to protect your heart, so aim to have a fish dish twice a week. This one of mine here is a double treat for your heart, as it has both salmon and beetroot: simply take some cooked salmon and add some rocket, goat’s cheese and cooked beetroot.


Sleeping is important, as this is when our body heals itself, and if we don’t get enough sleep, we simply don’t function on all cylinders the next day, and we slow our calorie burn down, so we can easily end up gaining weight, and then we can become more stressed, leading to a potential vicious circle. A good 7- 8 hours should help keep you in shape and less stressed.


There is no easier way to get fit than to sign up to a charity event. This gives you the motivation, and then also the reward, and an uplifting feeling of knowing what you have achieved, so enter some sort of charity event as this keeps you on track with your healthy lifestyle and you then get your own medal for taking care of your heart and you.


Swap watching an hour of telly for learning online about how to live a healthier life. With Google and Youtube you can find the answer to everything, so get googling and start fining some healthy heart friendly recipes.


So if you want to get fit at home and not have to join a gym, then simply click here and  you will instantly have access to over 800 free home fitness workout videos of mine, so  no excuse you can get fit at home for free.



27Dec, 2014

Top tips for beginners to running

By | December 27th, 2014|


TIP 1: Find The Perfect Shoe 

It is the most important bit of kit for your running, so don’t base your decision on the choice of colour or the style , base it on comfort and the fit.

Tip 2: Warm it up Baby 

Don’t skip on your warm-up’s, as this helps ignite your core body temperature which then allows a fuller range of movement through your legs and arms making it easier to find a comfortable running pace. So spend a couple of minutes on warming up and stretching.

Tip 3: Be a Posture Princess  

Focus on keeping your upper body in good form, your arms should be at a 90 degree angle, and your elbows at your sides, back straight and shoulders level, and of course your face should be smiling.


Tip 4: Be  The DJ And Mix It Up

The biggest mistake newbies make in regard   to running  is simply just running!  This is hard if they don’t have the endurance to run for extended times.

So I teach on my “Run Your First 5k” a  Run/ Walk approach which has intervals of short runs mixed with brisk walks,  and then the easier  that running becomes the longer we run and the less we walk.  

Tip 5: Be 3 Times A Week Girl

The quickest way to see results and see your running improving is to have consistency in your training, so one session a week is not going to win you a prize, you have to make it 3 times then you will win every prize as 3 times a week will get you increasing and improving your fitness and running.

Tip 6: Eat Clean

Your food choices have a big impact on your running.Eating the right choice will give you energy, fuel your body and help it repair itself and get stronger and leaner. So swap processed, sugar and salt laden fake food meal for a delicious super tasty homemade runner’s treat. Like my Tuna and Onion Courgette Spaghetti with Chili Dip.

Tip 7: Add Some Toning Moves


Each week squeeze in a couple of toning workouts as this will help with your running as your increases your muscular endurance, plus it is a fabulous way to keep yourself super toned and your body building more calories.

Try my quick bench workout here. Click here to take you to the full workout.

Tip 8: Be Noisey

When it comes to breathing, focus on breathing in through your nose  and  exhaling through your mouth.

Tip 9:  Talk Talk

For a newbie to running, you should focus on running at an easy pace so you can easily talk, so call this your “conversational “ pace. This will help you fall in love with running and help you find your natural running pace.

Tip 10: Be a Wateraholic

Be an 8 glasses a day girl, even if you are a nil glass  a day now! Then start drinking more water every day, aiming for your 8, as it will always keep your body fully hydrated.

Plus it is super good for your hair, skin and nails.

And never go for a run without a full bottle of wate

Tip 11: No Time Like the Present

Sign up to a local run, just do it right now, and now you have that goal! And you can so easily do this, give yourself 6 weeks and it will be the best feeling and investment into your health fitness and trust me you will look and feel amazing.


For the past five years I have been lucky enough to be the Official Race for Life Fitness Expert, and have devised all the Running and Training Plans for the millions of women who have taken part in the races nationwide. So if you want to fall in love with running and  then my Audio Download will teach you step by step all you need to know, and  it will be just like I am training alongside you. So if you want to learn to run go and grab your trainers  and let’s get started. Lucy x CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS 

14Aug, 2014

Anti aging tips

By | August 14th, 2014|

Yes, we can, through diet and exercise, keep ourselves looking younger and feeling fitter, and it does not have to cost a fortune. 

It is funny to see how much money some women are prepared to part with for the promise of a beautiful glowing complexion, and they will hand over hard-earned cash for a range of things from fresh snails’ gel! to placenta face mask, which will be madly rubbed into the face hoping to give an instant turned-back-time look!

But instead of spending near enough a week’s wages on these creams that are applied to our skin, we can save fortunes and do it as nature intended, and feed and nourish our skin from inside out. The foods we eat will actually have a great impact on our skin and anti-ageing, so on your shopping list scrub off the snail gels and such, and instead replace them with a super anti-ageing fruit: the Melon. This is incredible for our skin. It has carotenoids, which allow vitamin A to be formed. This is vital for maintaining skin health and protecting skin from oxidative stress (this is what accelerates the internal ageing process and manifests itself externally as  those dreaded wrinkles).

So make sure that in your diet you have plenty of fruits and vegetables. And why not make it part of your beauty routine every day to snack on a melon? (Or in other words eat your moisturisers!)

On to the exercise bit. Now this is a must if you want to slow down the ageing process, as exercise helps to stimulate the HGH Hormone (the Human Growth Hormone). This is in full swing and production up until our late twenties, then it starts to slow down! This is why in our 20’s we might get away with always looking amazing, as this little hormone was taking care of us. (more…)

24Mar, 2014

Beginners running tips

By | March 24th, 2014|





For my full 21 Day Beginners Running Ebook with all you need and more, simply click on the book below to find out more


Don’t overwhelm yourself and think you have to straight away be able to run a mile; instead swap a mile for minutes. Over a few weeks simply build up the amount of minutes that you run, and before you know it you will be able to run flat out for 10 minutes, which will be your first mile.

Take the talk test when you are out running. If you find that you are able to quite easily hold a light conversation, then hallelujah you are running at the right pace which should be moderate, but if you cannot even say one word, then slow down, speed queen, as you will not be able to sustain running at this pace for long, and it could put you off running for eternity. So always do the talk test when you are out on your run.

Now, it is 100 per cent worth investing in good running shoes, for 2 reasons – the first is that it will help make your running feel easier when you get a good quality running shoe and it will help prevent any injury, since if you get a good cushioned shoe this will take out the impact; and the second reason is that investing in some fab trainers, and spending a little extra, will give you the incentive and motivation to make full use of them. And don’t forget: just like with Cinderella, “a pair of shoes can change your life”.

Apply the 2 R’s when you are running. This is Relax into your stride, and then find your right Rhythm. I swear by this, and whenever I am coaching clients I consistently say relax and rhythm, because when you get this right you can run for miles and miles.

Lose the clenched fist. So many newbies to running end up tensing their hands and clenching their fists. This can cause tension in the shoulders, and also takes up excess energy that you could instead be using to help with your running. Instead imagine that in your hands you have a butterfly that you are keeping hold of and you don’t want to crush it.

Set a plan. If you are serious about this, treat it like a project, and block out times over the next few weeks that you plan on training, and commit to this. And keep visualising how amazing you are going to feel when you cross the finish line of that 5k and pick up your medal. (BECAUSE THIS IS TOTALLY POSSIBLE!)

For your training I would suggest for the first couple of weeks just aiming to do 4 times a week, and just do 10 minutes of intervals of running, then, when you need to, walk.

Then the next two weeks simply run for longer, and also add in one extra session of doing toning exercises, as these will help to condition your muscles, making running easier.

This routine is a good one to follow.

Plus, if it is raining one day and you want to do an indoor jogging workout, then try this workout of mine by clicking HERE

21Mar, 2014

2 Exercises for a Natural Bust Lift (that you can even do in the shower)

By | March 21st, 2014|

So whether you are a petite A or a voluptuous Double D we can all have perkier breasts. And yes you can do this and without any equipment and it as little as 2 minutes a day, IT WORKS! I PROMISE, and here’s how.

As a female trainer with 20 years experience, I know all about toning and sculpting so I was always keen to keep my assets high and prevent them sagging I did some research and designed a workout, to help naturally lift the bust, that I then trailed it on myself and clients within just 14 days all noticed a lift in the bust. And if you want to tone those arms then this is the book for you, find out more

I want to explain how this works as once you understand you will see how it makes sense.

So let me introduce to you the Coopers Ligament which is a thin collection of connective tissue that lifts the bust, it is attached from your collar bone and the underlying connective tissue of the major chest muscle know as the pectorals, so over a period of time the Coopers Ligament becomes looser and stretched which then makes our breast sag, YET if we tighten the coopers ligament (which in a way is just like natures own bra strap) then hey presto you can have a firm and lifted bust again.

A good analogy of this is simply imagine a bra strap that is loose! it offers no support to the bust, yet if you tighten the strap then the bust becomes lifted, that is exactly what we are going to do the Coopers Ligament tighten it so it naturally pulls the bust back up. Obvious really when you think about it.

So girls what are you waiting for, the key thing like with any exercises is that consistency is key and no good just doing it once you have to make this part of your routine. So why not take on my 14 day challenge and this will take less than 2 minutes and after two weeks you will notice a difference! Plus by then you are familiar with the routine and you can even do them in the shower.

29Dec, 2013

How to get rid of belly fat

By | December 29th, 2013|

Getting rid of belly fat is often on the top of people’s wish list when it comes to getting in shape and being healthy and fit.

To melt off excess tummy fat we need to focus on several elements, and guess what doing 100’s of sit ups won’t make any difference (in fact can make things worse)

The amount of crazy pins I see and blogs plus products claiming to give you a flat tummy with either one ab workout or eating a certain food or worse still a cup of tea.

We’ll let me tell you as a Trainer with over 25 year’s experience I can assure that none of those work – because if they did we would all be showing off our flat tummies.

So time to get real and let’s find solutions that actually work.

First of all the good news is yes we can reduce belly fat, and with my method the best thing is not only do you reduce belly fat but you also get super fit and healthy at the same time. So these are my 6 elements  to get rid of tummy fat.


Number 1  Re-setting your metabolism – this means say for example you naturally calorie burn has started to slow down (this can happen after the age of 25) then we need to increase it back up again – so we do this by doing HIIT training – this is simply shorter workouts where you push yourself to the max for 20 seconds then reduce the intensity, the good news is these workouts can just be 4 minutes long and suitable for everyone. What happens is they produce an effect known as EPOC (excess post oxygen consumption) this is the clever bit as now you will have raised the amount of calories your body is burning for the next 10  hours, by and this,  and on average can add up to around an extra 350 calories .

Number 2 Increasing your active muscle tissue – so start doing a few body weight exercises even things like squats and lunges will help activate more active muscles tissues which helps your body burn fat faster.

Number 3 Get to bed before 11pm – believe it or not but having  7 hours’ good quality sleep is a great way to help reduce excess tummy fat, as it helps to control your hormones, and if they have less than 7 hours they can tend to be all over the place and get confused with feeling tired to being hungry which is why we can crave more carb rich food s after a bad night’s sleep

Number 4 Tightening your core muscles as the stronger your core is the better your body functions, and this helps with all activates meaning you preforming them better, even if just sitting at a desk this will help to stop you slouching and causing that lower tummy pouch.

Number 5  Now to sculpting your abs and waist – so many people get this wrong here and just do the plank and sit ups, so you only engage the muscles through one range of motion known as sagittal (this simply means moving forwards) whereas the abs need to be trained through all 3 ranges which the other two are frontal and transverse, and by doing this you then are working your ab muscles to the max and the more toned these are the quicker this helps to melt off excess belly fat

Number 6 Eating a clean diet (meaning cutting down on sugar) this is so important and cutting down on sugar is a quick way to see that ab fat melt away and those toned abs start shining through. And it is important to avoid foods that make your bloated and don’t be fooled by some healthy foods as like with anything, too much of a good thing is never a good thing.

Summary aim for  5 times a week do some HIIT training, aim to get 7 hours a sleep every night, add some body weight exercises into your week. Condition your core muscles and sculpt those abs from every angle. And say no to that sticky toffee pudding and focus on eating clean.


16Dec, 2013

The Sexy Legs 10 Minute Boot Camp Workout

By | December 16th, 2013|

Leg Toning WorkoutThe Sexy Legs 10 Minute Boot Camp Workout

   © by Lucy Wyndham-Read

Your lower body is the easiest and quickest place to tone, sculpt and burn calories. You have over 200 muscles below the belt, including the largest muscle in your body — your gluteus maximus. So this is your very own Sexy Leg Home Boot Camp. This specially designed workout will get you long, lean, sexy legs in no time. You need no equipment, and this can be simply done, either indoors or outdoors. The routine is designed to target your leg muscles through the different planes of movement, which are forwards, backwards and sideways. The result of this is that it draws in your muscles and gives you amazing sculpted & toned legs, as well as helping your body to burn more calories daily. If you want more of a full body workout and to Drop a Dress Size in just 14 days click here to find out more




9Dec, 2013

Top 10 Fitness and Diet Tips for a Guilt Free Christmas

By | December 9th, 2013|

Lucy Wyndham -ReadBy Lucy Wyndham-Read

With Christmas parties, office dos, social events, and family get-togethers over the festive period, it is so easy to gain those extra pounds with the abundance  of extra food, which is often composed of more indulgent choices than we would normally make.  So it  is no surprise that on average we gain 5lbs over  the Christmas period, according to The British Dietetic Association.  So here are a few ways you can be sure to keep control of your waistline over Christmas. (more…)

5Dec, 2013

Top 10 tricks to curb Sugar Cravings

By | December 5th, 2013|Tags: , |

Top 10 tricks to curb Sugar Cravings

Reduce sugar cravingsBy Lucy Wyndham-Read

“A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”, to quote Mary Poppins. Well, it may do that, but a spoonful of sugar also helps the waistline go up!

The more sugar we have in our diet, the more we crave it, which then leads to energy slumps, and means we are less likely to exercise, and on creeps the weight. This then becomes a bit of a negative spiral. Yet with these simple tricks on how to curb your sugary cravings, you can start increasing your energy and reducing your waistline and jumping on the positive spiral,  and you will soon easily be able to say NO to those high-sugar and fatty snacks! (more…)

20Aug, 2013

THE 4 MINUTE ONLY WORKOUT (that leaves you burning off calories for up to 10 hours after)

By | August 20th, 2013|

4 Minute Workout

                              Just 4 Minutes is all you need!

                                                                    By Lucy Wyndham-Read

It seems too good to be true, but less is more and “4 minute workouts” are now big news and are here to stay! These micro short workouts have been proven to be as  effective as traditionally  longer workouts, if not even more so.

This comes down to one crucial component INTENSITY”, as it is the intensity that has the greatest effect on the body, much more than the duration of the workout. So even just 4 minutes daily can make a massive difference to your body shape, fitness and health.

I had one lady from America email me to say she had bought my 4 Minute workout, and in just 6 weeks had lost more weight than she ever did in 6 months going to the gym!!


27Jun, 2013

The Time To Get Kids Active Is Now

By | June 27th, 2013|

Get kids healthy

The  atmosphere was one to remember: 1000 school kids all taking part in different activities from star jumps to baton relays. With the happy mascots Healthy Harry and Bee Active walking around cheering them on, every one of those kids had a big smile on their face.


19Mar, 2013

Say Goodbye to Belly Fat With Running

By | March 19th, 2013|


If you want to start getting fit and stripping off excess body fat running is the perfect choice for you. The great thing is you can be an absolute beginner and by starting to add some intervals of running you can expect to see some impressive results, fast.