As a trainer specialising in women's weight loss and health, I have devised this unique 21 day- by-day menopause makeover online course to help you look and feel incredible.

Everyday you get a short 1-2 minute video with a full explanation of what to do on that day, you also  get a healthy eating plan, a workout and homemade beauty treatment. The  exercise videos are already on my Youtube channel, but I have selected out of my 900 videos the right ones to help in weight loss throughout the menopause,  the ones in this plan help rebalance your hormones which in turn will help increase your metabolism,so this is how you can easily lose weight.You don't need any equipment. Within the eating plan I have selected the foods rich in the macro and micro nutrients you need to help through this change in our body. So it is as simple as everyday just follow the plan, and for less than £1 per day you will be thrilled with your menopause makeover.


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