HIIT  (4 Minute Workouts) – so what is this craze everyone is talking about? Firstly let’s understand what HIIT is. Its long name is High Intensity Interval Training – and it has actually been around forever. I first started doing HIIT in the 90’s, way before it became the buzzword in the fitness and weight loss industry.

What is all the fuss about? Well, it is about the fact that HIIT training can get some incredible results when it comes to weight loss, fitness, and even anti-aging (but that’s another blog).

What HIIT has to offer is intervals of intensity. For example, let’s compare 2 workouts here

Example 1: Meet Taylor, who is at the gym on the treadmill and  doing a 45-minute workout at a moderate pace. She is lightly jogging away, and cannot do this super-fast – because if that was the case she would not be able to do it for long, realistically only say 20 to 40 seconds. Jogging at a moderate intensity allows her to work away in the gym for a full 45 minutes. She will have burnt off a few calories, and she will have used up, with the time taken to get to the gym and back home, over an hour of her time, and probably she’ll have paid a pretty sum for that gym membership.

Now meet super switched-on Susie, who lives a super busy life, and so keeps fit and in tip-top shape by doing HIIT workouts from home, as she can do these even in the bathroom. You need very little space, and just 4 minutes. She has made it a part of her routine, and afterwards she jumps straight in the shower. Her HIIT workout consists of doing 20 seconds of star jumps, where she pushes herself to a high intensity, and then 10 seconds marching on the spot, which is her interval, before she takes it straight back up to a higher intensity, simply doing those star jumps again. She keeps this going till she has completed her 4 minutes, and guess what, Susie will have burnt off more calories from doing this than spending 45 minutes doing light cycling in the gym like Taylor did.

Where Susie is specially smart is that she knows that in those short 20-second bursts she put in 100 percent, and this produces the EPOC effect. Basically this means that for at least 10 hours after training like this your body burns calories at a higher rate, and on average it is about an extra 35 calories an hour for 10 hours. So this is why these 4-minute HIIT workouts are an absolute winner. And if you want to do a 4 Minute HIIT workout then click here and pop over to my YOUTUBE Channel as I have 200 free HIIT workout videos.

The key with HIIT training is doing short bursts where you push yourself, and then a shorter burst for recovery. And don’t think you need to be a fitness bunny to do this, anyone can do HIIT, even a complete beginner, or someone who is overweight. And just adding HIIT to a walk is a great start. You can do it by walking at a faster pace for 20 seconds, then slowing it down for 10, and keeping on doing this.

As a trainer I have been teaching this for years, and I ran a 28-day challenge for people to do one of my 4-minute HIIT workouts daily, and the emails and before-and-after photos have been incredible. And the biggest thing that people loved about it is that they all can spare 4 minutes. It can be longer, but 4 minutes in my eyes is the magic number.

So this is how to do HIIT and, just like a diamond, HIIT can be a girl’s best friend.