Nothing inspires and motivates others more than a real life success story, which is why I came up with an idea of getting together a bunch of stories from Lucyssquad.

I get so many amazing emails with wonderful updates of how my workouts and our community #lucyssquad are changing people’s lives and this is everything from weight loss and fitness to self-belief.

So this new ebook is going to be your stories and will also be totally FREE and simply there for when you need that extra encouragement or simply just feel like flicking through a book online and reading other people’s journeys. So if you want to be in this book then this is all you need to do:


*Your name it could be your full name, first name or say a nick name.

*Your age (optional).

*Your country.

Then your story, now this could be on any aspect of how being part of this community has helped you, so it may be weight loss, or perhaps your just learnt to love yourself. Or maybe you took on a big new challenge, whatever it is if you can write it in ideally between 150 and 700 words (give or take).

*Images (optional) NOTE: if you would rather we supplied an illustration to sum up your exercise then please state, what object or emoji would sum it up well.

* Your favourite quote, and if it not your own please state who the quote is by if you know.

* Your favourite workout video from my channel with either the link or the name of the video.

* You preferred social media name, this could be from any platform, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or Pinterest, (optional again, you do not have to supply this).


Please send the above information to [email protected] and state in the subject line “PART OF THE BOOK”

This book will be free and accessible to everyone we have about 30 pages, but if we get lots we will look at doing a second book and maybe even a third!!!!

I am so excited about this project and can’t wait to hear your story.

Lucy xx

All entires will need to be supplied by 21st of February 2019 and the book will be due out in March 2019