Hotel Workout Plan


This 4 week plan is designed for someone who is travelling and wants to keep fit and lose a few lbs . This 18 page guide makes this process easy as all the workouts are hand picked to give maximum results and all can be done in a ting space, so your hotel room or hostel where ever you are staying you can get fit with this guide.

So meet your Cardio Character Amber , who is a Flight Attendant and has 4 weeks to get in shape while she is away travelling as she has a big celebration coming up. So follow this plan and get the same exciting results just like she did.

This fun 4 week plan consists of links to 12 exercise videos  which are designed to help burn fat faster as well as complete body toning. This plan is suitable for every fitness level. This guide also has:

How to order healthy food choices with  room service

How to make a healthy choice eating out

So wether you are a Flight Attendant, on your Gap Year, travelling with business or going on holiday and want to stay in shape and lose a few lbs then this 18 page,  jam packed guide with 12 full workout routine exercise videos links is the plan for you.


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