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    MAKE HEALTHY LIVING EASY THE RIGHT WAY this package has an RRP of  £44.97 and now available for just £24.99 for a limited period only. Order now and start your journey. 1: Healthy Eating EBook:  This ebook is stuffed full of healthy recipes for tasty low fat and low calorie meals. 2: 21 Day Online Confidence Course: This day by day course has daily video tasks all about self growth and self belief. 3: Lifestyle Guide: This ebook teaches you how to make healthy living part of your daily routine - and covers everything from looking good to feeling good. Save £19.98 with this package and get all the tools you need for being the best version of you. YOU CAN PURCHASE THIS  BELOW WITH A CREDIT CARD VIA PAYPAL (even if you don’t have a PayPal account)        
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    Online Weight Loss Course: with a full eating plan, workout videos and daily mindset techniques. This course is about losing weight the healthy way and teaching you how to keep the weight off, it is so easy to follow simply complete the instructions set out each day.

    2 Healthy Ebooks: stuffed full of quick, healthy easy to make recipes, with everything from smoothies to soups. Over 60 different recipes in total.

    Home Circuit Cards: fun exercise cards that allow you to create your own calorie burning front room circuit class.

    Walking Inch Loss Audio Coaching: head outdoors whenever you want  for a full 16minute coaching walking workout.

    Mindfulness Audio: take time to switch off everyday with the calming mediation audio download.

    Self-Confidence Course: over 21 days complete the daily tasks to help boost your self belief and confidence, easy to follow day-by–day guide.

    Arm Toning Ebook: get your dream arms with this tailored home fitness set plan, with short workouts you do at home to help get rid of arm fat and sculpt your arms and tone up.

    Love Your Body: this plan is all about understanding how your body works and learning to love who you are and focusing on being your best.

     4 Minute Miracles: so even when you are short of time this ebook has over 25 different easy to follow 4 minute fat burning workouts, so you can always keep on top of your fitness and health.

    14 Day Glamour Guide: by using all these products with this bundle, you are going to be looking and feeling your best, so this will be the icing on the cake, as you can follow the homemade beauty treatments to be glowing from head to foot and looking like a movie star.

    This package is worth £123.88 but as a bundle it costs only £89.95 so if you want to total overhaul and body and mind transformation then this will be great for you and get started today. YOU CAN PURCHASE THIS  BELOW WITH A CREDIT CARD VIA PAYPAL (even if you don’t have a PayPal account)

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    GET READY TO HIT THE SKI SLOPES AND BE  SKI-FIT AND IN GREAT SHAPE WITH THIS PRE SKI HOME WORKOUT PLAN. PLUS STAY IN TIP TOP SHAPE IN THE HOTEL SO YOU CAN FEEL AND LOOK YOUR BEST.  THIS PACKAGE IS  WORTH £15.98  AND NOW AVAILABLE FOR JUST £9.99  1: GET SKI-FIT EBOOK:  This easy to follow 4 week home ski-fitness plan prepares your body for skiing so it will  improve performance making your ski holiday fun as you can ski all day and you will also notice that these specially selected exercises get you in fabulous so you can hit those ski slopes feeling super fit and super confident. This fun 4 week plan is designed around a character who is about to head off for a ski holiday and only has 4 weeks to get ski-fit, you simply click on the links provided within this ebook and follow the videos. You don't need any equipment and all the exercises are suitable for everyone. Plus the ebook has tips on healthy nutrition for your skiing days. 2: HOTEL WORKOUT PLAN: This ebook has 12 different fat burning and toning workouts that you can do in your hotel room and you don't need any equipment as you just use your own body weight, so a perfect way to stay in shape as you can do these quick workouts in your ski resort. This package is worth £15.98 but as a bundle it costs only £9.99 so if you want to have a fabulous ski trip and want to make the most of being in the mountains then this is the package for you. Start getting ready for your ski trip today. YOU CAN PURCHASE THIS  BELOW WITH A CREDIT CARD VIA PAYPAL (even if you don’t have a PayPal account)
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    SPRING INTO ACTION with this package which is RRP of  £46.97 and now available for just £24.98 for a limited period only. Order now and start looking and feeling amazing with this Spring Action Plan Bundle. 1: 14 Day Glamour Guide: This includes daily homemade beauty treatments, alongside a healthy eating plan to make your skin glow and hair shine so feel super glamorous  - this is the  ULTIMATE HOME BEAUTY PAMPER GUIDE to get you glowing from inside to out. 2: 21 Day Online Weight Loss Course: This course is a day by day guide – which focuses and educates you on the 3 aspects you need to easily and successfully lose weight. The 3 areas I focus on with you are MINDSETNUTRITION and EXERCISE. Throughout this 21 day course I offer you full support. Once purchased, your 21 day online course is yours for life, so you will always be able to stay in shape and in good health. Please note you can request a VEGETARIAN OR VEGAN COPY 3: Audio Coaching Walk: This 16 minute audio download is where I coach you through a  FUN WALKING WORKOUT INTERVAL  and with spring here it is a glorious time to head outdoors. Within this workout I get you to tone up all over, reduce inches and most importantly of all, increase your fitness. Save £21.99 with this  Spring into Action Bundle. YOU CAN PURCHASE THIS  BELOW WITH A CREDIT CARD VIA PAYPAL (even if you don’t have a PayPal account)
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    For a limited time we have an amazing package which is RRP of  £27.97 and now available for just £19.99. These 3 products are the only tools you need to get in tip top shape for your holiday. Order now and get ready to feel amazing on your summer holidays this year and lounge by the pool feeling confident.  BIKINI READY VIDEO EBOOK: This plan consists of links to 12 workout videos on set days that you follow along to, you also get a 7 Day Get Glowing Eating Plan, so it could not be more simple. And it is just like having your personal trainer, motivational coach and nutritionist rolled into one, super simple to follow and all the workouts help to speed up your calorie burn so you reduce excess body fat and you tone up all over giving you confidence in your bikini. HEALTHY  EATING EBOOK: Get inspired to eat healthy foods with this eBook which is jam-packed full of easy to make breakfasts, snacks, lunches, dinners and smoothies. All the recipes are high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so not only will you get in great shape but your skin will be glowing from eating a healthy diet. WALKING INCH LOSS AUDIO: This is a fun way to take a workout outdoors,  this 20 minute interval walking routine is all about losing inches and sculpting up all over, walking is one of the best ways to get your legs, abs, booty and arms in great shape. I coach you through the entire 20 minute workout keeping you motivated throughout this highly effective inch loss walk. YOU CAN PURCHASE THIS  BELOW WITH A CREDIT CARD VIA PAYPAL (even if you don’t have a PayPal account)

    15 MINUTE FAT BURNING INTERVAL CARDIO AUDIO WORKOUT. As a qualified weight loss and fitness expert I have created this fun and effective fat loss  audio workout, which is designed to burn off excess body fat and tone you up all over. This is just like having your own personal trainer working out  alongside you. Have a quick listen here: This workout can be done anywhere and once you have downloaded it you will not need to be online. It is suitable for every fitness level. It is designed for weight loss, toning and fitness. So why not grab your trainers now and let’s me now coach you through this 15 minute workout and start investing in your health right now. YOU CAN PURCHASE THIS  BELOW WITH A CREDIT CARD VIA PAYPAL (even if you don’t have a PayPal account)
  • FUN FITNESS GAME FOR CHILDREN These fun fitness cards have 13 different children friendly exercises that can be played as a game. The idea is to make being active fun, and following along with the cartoon characters that are Leo and Star. The pack comes with full instructions and also a guide to the adult explaining the benefit of each move for the healthy growth and development for the child. The pack has a printable star chart as well as some healthy smoothies. These cards will make every child fall in love with active, healthy fit and strong. YOU CAN PURCHASE THIS  BELOW WITH A CREDIT CARD VIA PAYPAL (even if you don’t have a PayPal account)…..
  • Just because you are pregnant it does not mean that you need to pack up your fitness gear and be bed-ridden for nine months, and give up on feeling fabulous! Far from it, in fact, this plan is going to help you look and feel amazing throughout every trimester. Remember, the healthier and fitter you are throughout these nine months, the more it will help with the healthy development of your baby. It will also make it super easy for you to spring back into shape once your bundle of joy is born.
    I write as a female trainer with over 20 years in the health and fitness industry, in which I’ve gained specialist knowledge in pre and postnatal fitness, nutrition, and even health related exercise for children. And having helped many mums through healthy pregnancies and then assisted them with getting back a fit yummy mummy body shape after, I know what works, and one of my great quotes is “knowledge is power” . So with this eBook not only am I going to give you workouts for each trimester, and a healthy eating guide, but alongside this I am going to explain how, why, and what is taking place in your body, and how the exercise and nutrition is going to help both you and your baby. YOU CAN PURCHASE THIS  BELOW WITH A CREDIT CARD VIA PAYPAL (even if you don’t have a PayPal account)
  • You will see how easy it is to lose arm fat and get rid of bingo wings with this Video Ebook. With 15 different workout videos alongside a tasty  21 day  day eating plan. This Ebook takes you step by step through the process as we need to focus on which are the  3 key areas to get those arms toned and to lose flabby arm fat. As a trainer I know what works and you will see all the amazing before and afters on my results page    Watch this quick video to find out more.
      And as a Female Personal Trainer (in her very late 40's) I know what works as this is an area I have passionate about keeping toned but without bulking up! which is why with my special method we don't use and weights and we get sleek, toned defined arms. YOU CAN PURCHASE THIS  BELOW WITH A CREDIT CARD VIA PAYPAL (even if you don't have a PayPal account)
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    14 Day Lose Belly Fat Guide

    £39.99 £19.99
    Easy-to-follow 14 day eGuide (digital download) designed to help you lose excess weight the healthy way so you can achieve your healthy weight for your optimal health. Within this 100-page online guide I go through all you need to know on leading a healthy lifestyle. This unique guide consists of:

    14 Day Healthy Eating Plan

    Daily Menus and Recipes

    Weekly Shopping Lists

    14 Home Circuit Illustrated Workout Cards (printable but video links also provided)

    Daily Motivational Quotes

    Daily Recommended Workout

    Portion Guide

    Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

    Links to suggested Workouts on my YouTube Channel

    If you want an easy-to-follow guide that will get you feeling your best and help to shift any excess weight, especially belly fat, then this is the plan for you.

    This additionally comes with a vegetarian option (and a vegan option soon) that you can simply select in the dropdown box below.

    YOU CAN PURCHASE THIS  BELOW WITH A CREDIT CARD VIA PAYPAL (even if you don’t have a PayPal account)
  • Lucy Wyndham read ebook Healthy eating Ebook Lucy Wyndham read

    Ultimate Healthy Lifestyle E CookBook

    This download Ebook is packed full of nutritious healthy recipes. The recipes are easy to follow and each broken down into chapters:

    Healthy Breakfasts

    Healthy Lunches

    Healthy Dinners

    Healthy Snacks

    Healthy Drinks

    As a  qualified trainer I always explain to my clients that to feel our best we need to look at having a healthy diet.  Eating healthy meals can be delicious and tasty and quick and easy. Which is why I wanted to create this Ultimate Healthy Lifestyle book to give you an abundance of easy to make healthy recipes. YOU CAN PURCHASE THIS  BELOW WITH A CREDIT CARD VIA PAYPAL (even if you don’t have a PayPal account)
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    Motivational Bundle

    £19.99 £9.99

    The Motivational Bundle to help you reach your goals and say "Yes I Can"

    I wanted to share my story on how I turned my life around, from what seemed impossible, but I found a way. Within this bundle I explain the  methods I used and how they helped me take control of my life.

    What's included in the bundle:

    My Story Ebook:  Yes I Can

    The Goal Setting Ebook: How To Reach Your Goals

    Stylish Motivational ePoster Pack

    Digital Desktop Calendar  (one for a phone and one for a laptop/pc)

    &  Printable Download Calendar

    YOU CAN PURCHASE THIS  BELOW WITH A CREDIT CARD VIA PAYPAL (even if you don’t have a PayPal account)

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