So you are fairly close to realizing that being you is enough. So time to stop comparing, and actually start embracing who you are. We all have the ability to be confident, and the magic is that you control this. When you get a spare 10 minutes, I suggest you watch this video of mine, as it will give you some ideas on how to improve your confidence and self-belief. And in this video I am speaking from experience. If I am honest if I took part in this quiz several years ago every answer that I would be ticking all the way through would be number 3.

But then something happened in my life which was hitting rock bottom. I felt close to losing everything, and this is when I realized I needed to rely on nobody but myself. I needed to start believing in me, and this is when my life changed.  And now doing this course I can safely say I  would be ticking number one every time, and this is just down to me believing in me and saying #yesIcan do anything I put my mind to, and #yesIcan embrace being me.

VIDEO  How To be More Confident