As I always say to all my clients when they ask how to get a flat tummy or a flat belly, that  to get your best abs you need to focus on 3 things: exercise, toning, and the biggest player of all, what you eat.

So instead of just thinking of a flat belly diet – simply  focus on these foods, as they will help to get rid of excess belly fat and lose the belly bloat, so add these to your weekly shopping list, and here are the reasons why these foods are the best way to help you reduce belly fat


Boiled, smashed, poached – however you have them, eggs truly are a great choice to have in your diet when it comes to banishing belly fat. The reason being that they have a very low glycemic index and are very filling, making them a perfect choice.


Berries are a must, and you should go for red or blue with your berries, as the chemicals in charge of giving these fruits their colours are called “anthocyanins”, and research has shown these can help burn abdominal fat.


Drinking the clear stuff helps not only to flush toxins out of your system, but also to prevent sudden hunger cravings, improve digestive health, and reduce fluid retention, all of which helps to leave your tummy looking flatter.


Let’s go nuts about almonds, as they help to stabilize blood sugars, which helps to prevent cravings that can lead to overeating and weight gain.


An apple a day helps to keep the belly fat away, and this is because they are high in fiber and they are also high in water, which helps you feel full.


Whether you go Greek or just low-fat, yogurt helps keep your digestive system healthy and prevents bloating.


Let’s talk fish. Especially salmon, tuna, or mackerel, as all these are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats help promote fat-burning by making your metabolism more efficient.


Tomatoes can help reduce water retention in the body, and the magic of these fruits is that they also help with reversing leptin resistance. Leptin is a type of protein which helps to control the appetite and metabolic rate, so our bodies rely on it to shed those extra pounds.

So to get your best abs, include these foods, all of which are included in my 4-week Lose The Belly Fat plan, this ebook  also has workout videos designed for reducing excess belly fat and the 4 week plan is guaranteed to get results and reduce excess belly fat.

Click here or on the book to find out more details on how this easy to follow plan works.


Copy goldilocks and go for porridge if you want a flat tummy, as the oats give you energy and fuel your metabolism and help reduce hunger throughout your day.

 10 RICE

And let’s add one more that is a real winner and that is brown rice, which is a super friendly flat-tummy food, because it contains a rich supply of energizing B vitamins, which could help you burn calories faster.

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